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Google Research Made Easy: Other Google Searches


This page will share some specific commands for searching several of Google's tools.  Keep in mind that many of the commands in the previous tab also apply to these searches as well.

Image Searching

Searching images can be a little tricky.  Use these tips to help you refine your search:

  • Upload an image to find similar images.  Click on the camera icon in the search box and add a link to the image or upload the image from your machine.  Google will then search for similar images.
  • Find Images You Can Reuse.  Using Google's advanced image search, you can find images by usage rights (determined by Creative Commons or similar license present with the image).
  • After doing an image search, use the Search Tools button to reveal options that let you refine your results by image size, color, type, and usage rights

.image search tools

Google Books and Goo Reader

The Search Tools option that appears after you perform a search in Google Books will allow you to limit your search to books or magazines, a publication date range, or to books that are freely available. These are viewable on your computer, on your device using the Google Play App, or transferable to an e-reader that works with Adobe Digital Editions.

If a book is freely available in Google Books, then it is likely also available in HathiTrust, where UC Berkeley users can easily download PDF versions.

There are also utilities available, such as GooReader, that you can use to download available full-text versions of books and magazines from Google Books.