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Public Policy: Google Scholar +

This guide is intended to be a starting point for public policy research.

Google Scholar: Preferences

Google Scholar is an easy way to do interdisciplinary research, and with some settings changes can become even more useful. To make Google display links to full text of articles that Berkeley subscribes to:

  • In Google Scholar, click on the three bar menu icon in the upper left corner.
  • Then click on the gear icon. 
  • On the next screen, choose Library Links from the left-hand menu.
  • In the search box, type the word Berkeley

 In the list of options that appears, check the boxes for anything University of California, Berkeley.

Google Search Tips, Tricks and Hacks

One of the largest hurdles of using Google is the amount you must weed through.  Some searches result in thousands of pages; who has time to go through all that?  You don't need to.  Did you know you can manipulate a regular Google search with a couple hacks to your search?  Its true!  Try these search hacks during your next google search.

  • site:XXXXX  This search tells google to limit your search to a particular site or domain.  For instance, if you limit to you would only search the Berkeley site.  Similarly would search only sites ending in .gov, and would search only sites ending in .edu.
  • -XXXXX  Adding a minus/hyphen sign "-" to a term will remove results with that term.  This can be very helpfull when removing common words associated with your topic.
  • filetype:XXXX  Using filetype: will only find certain file extentions (.doc, .pdf, .ppt, etc)
  • "XXX XXXX" Putting double quotes around a phrase will find only that phrase.

You can also combine some of these search hacks, such as adding to remove results from the New York Times website.  More search tricks can be found in the Library's Google Search Guide

Google Scholar: Cited by

  • Ever wanted to trace an article or book’s impact? 
  • Try searching within citing articles.Do a search in Google Scholar. In the results, you can click on the "Cited by" link under the citation.



Find a known item in Google Scholar

1. Enter keywords from title. (Also add keywords from journal if necessary.)

2. Click on the title or links to get full-text. (See Off-Campus Access for more details.)

Find Old Websites Using the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine

Websites are constantly changing.  Sometimes the report or document or webpage you saw and need is gone.  Sometimes you may just want to see what an old website looked like?  To do any of this, use the Wayback Machine, provided by the Internet Archive, where you can enter a URL and if the site was archived, you can explore it.  Keep in mind that the Wayback Machine only crawls sites 2-4 levels down, does not crawl databases, and search boxes on the archived site will not work.