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U.S. Foreign Relations and the Department of State: Major Publications

Overview of U.S. Foreign Relations and Declassified Documents from the Department of State.

Major Publications from the Department of State

The following are some of the major reports published by the Department of State.  These reports provide some detailed, day-to-day description of U.S. diplomats interacting with foreign officials, and can be a start to discovering more specifics.

Current Publications

Department of State Dispatch (and later press releases)

U.S. Department of State Dispatch continued the Department of State Bulletin.  It provides the major speeches and congressional testimony from the State Department. Since around the year 2000, the State Department has published most of its press releases to its website and maintains a web archive.

Department of State Bulletin (and previous titles)

Department of State Bulletin includes information on current developments in the American foreign relations and the work of the Department of State and Foreign Service.  It includes press releases, official statements of policy, texts of important documents, the United States position in the United Nations, articles by department officials, and information on treaties. The Bulletin replaced the weekly publication Press Releases and the monthly Treaty Information Bulletin.

  • Department of State Bulletin -- JX232.A28 MAIN (July 1939)-89:2153 (December 1989)
  • Press Releases -- JX232.A3; 1(1)(Oct 1929)-20(508)(June 1939)
  • Treaty Information Bulletin -- JX232 .A35; 1(Oct 1929)-117(June 1939)
    • Also available via HathiTrust

Monthly Consular and Trade Reports

U.S. Bureau of Manufactures(Dept. of Commerce and Labor). Monthly Consular and Trade Reports.
REPORTS: Main HC1.A23 1-357, 1880-1910 Shelved off campus: v. 1-357 INDEXES: < >Main Stack HC1.A23 Index, no.1-59 (v. 1-17) (1880-1885) Main HC1.A23 Index, no.60-111 (vols. 18 to 31) 1886-1889. Main HC1.A23 Index, no.112-151 (vols. 32 to 41) Main HC1.A23 Index, no.152-203 (vols. 42 to 54). Main HC1.A23 Index, no.204-239 (vols. 55 to 63).  

U.S. Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce. Commercial Relations of the United States with Foreign Countries.HF105.A25 MAIN Library has: 1-66, 1855/56-1912. 

Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS)

Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS) presents the official documentary historical record of major U.S. foreign policy decisions and significant diplomatic activity. Produced by the State Department's Office of the Historian, the series began in 1861 and now comprises over 350 volumes. The volumes published since 1980 increasingly contain declassified records from all the foreign affairs agencies. FRUS is usually published 20-30+ years after the events, so the most recent volumes cover events from the early 1980's.

Foreign Broadcast Information Service

The Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) can provide you a wealth of information from foreign news sources.  The U.S. State Department ran the FBIS to translate foreign language newspapers, wires, and broadcasts into English.  FBIS only translated information relating to U.S. interests, and only distributed to the public a select amount of what was translated.

At UC Berkeley, we have 2 databases for locating FBIS documents:

Foreign Policy Bulletin

Foreign policy bulletin (Washington, D.C.). Washington, D.C. : Paul E. Auerswald
JX232.F67 MAIN Latest 2 years in DREF 1(1990-91)-
"...the documentary record of United States foreign policy.... A private publication, using the same format as the discontinued Department of State Bulletin and maintaining continuity with that publication while offering additional materials as well."

Current Policy and Digest

Current policy. Excerpts of key statements found in: Current policy digest.JX232.A26 MAIN (2-1076, 1078-1148, 1150-1153, 1155-1176, 1181-1182, 1184-1185, 1187, 1189-1193, 1195, 1197-1206, 1208-1214, 1216-1219, 1221, 1223-1225, 1227-1232, 1235-1239, 1241-1247, 1249, 1251-1269, 1271-1272, 1274-1275, 1279, 1281-1283, 1286-1292, 1295-1296, 1299, 1301-1303, 1305-1309 [1990])

Current policy digest. Washington, D.C. :Department of State, Bureau of Public Affairs.Contains "exerpts of key statements from selected Current policy texts".JX232.A261 MAIN BOUND 15(Apr 1986)-30(Aug 1987)