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Katz, Daniel Seth, The Earliest Sources for the Libellus cantus mensurabilis secundum Johannem de Muris, (PhD diss.: Duke U., 1989). The dating, provenance, music, and filiation of three of the earliest sources of Jehan des Murs's notation treatise, Libellus cantus mensurabilis, all from the late 14th c., are considered: UCB MS 744; I-Rvat Reginensis Latinus 1146, and the missing Roquefort Codex. Transcriptions of a song and an excerpt from the Libellus made by Fetis before the Roquefort Codex disappeared show that this manuscript was related to Berkeley 744. A comparison of the Berkeley manuscript and Fetis's transcriptions reveals the only known Italian contrafactum of a French ars nova composition.

Mann, Francis Fitch. Michele Stratico: The Opus 1, Sei Sonate, and an Edition of Sonatas No. 2 and No. 6, (DMA doc., Music: U. of Nebraska, 1992). Stratico (1728-after 1782) was almost unknown until 1958-61 when the University of California at Berkeley acquired a collection that included over 280 of his MSS and a copy of his six violin sonatas, op. 1. His life and works are investigated, focusing on the op. 1 sonatas, the only works published (ca. 1763) during Stratico's lifetime and printed by Walcker in London. Five of these sonatas survive in MS versions as well. These two sources provide an opportunity to compare MSS, probably intended for members of the Tartini school, with printed versions more thoroughly edited for publication, especially with regard to ornamentation.

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Page, Christopher. "Fourteenth-century Instruments and Tunings: A Treatise by Jean Vaillaut?" Galpin Society Journal 33 (March 1980): 17-35. MS 744 of the UCB Music Library, provides virtually the only evidence for the tuning of stringed instruments during the 14th c. An acrostic at the head of the treatise spells IOHHAN VAIANT, suggesting that the composer Jean Vaillant (d. probably 1361) was the author.

Page, Christopher. “French Lute Tablature in the 14th century? Early Music 8/4 (October 1980): 488-91. A manuscript (Berkeley, University of California MS 774), which probably dates from the middle of the 14th c., includes on p. 51 a small diagram resembling French lute tablature.

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Schmidt, Carl B. "Berkeley MS 454: Philidor L'Aine's Enigma Variations," The Journal of Musicology, 10/3 (summer 1992): 362-404. MS 454, the isolated third volume of Vieux Ballets du Roy faits par Mr de Lully, is from the collection of Francois-Andre Danican Philidor (Philidor l'aine). It contains many more variant readings of Lully's ballets de cour than other extant Philidor or Henry Foucault sources, some of which are enigmatically at stylistic odds with Lully's oeuvre. The MS's provenance, dating, and relationship to other Philidor MSS are discussed, and its contents are inventoried and compared to Philidor's summary of the seven volumes of Vieux Ballets du Roy par Mr de Lully.

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Sirch, Licia and Alberto Zanotelli, “La musica strumentale da camera di Vittorio Trento,” Rassegna veneta di studi musicali 13-14 (1997-1998): 253-298. Provides a brief biography of Trento (b. between 1761 and 1764, d.1833) and analyzes two sets of chamber music that are preserved in MS in the Music Library of the University of California at Berkeley. One is the entitled “Sei duetti” and is for two violins (UCB MS It.959); the other, “Sei quartetti”, is for strings (UCB MS It.960). Comparisons with music by Ferdinando Bertoni and a list of Trento's instrumental works, excluding dance music, are included.

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Tuksar, Stanislav. "Giuseppe Tartini i Josip Mihovil Stratico," Muzikoloski zbornik 28 (1992): 59-62. Giuseppe Michele Stratico was a pupil of Tartini. The UCB Music Library houses most of his 300 - 350 compositions, including violin concertos, symphonies, and chamber music, that are not held by Italian libraries.