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Add Library Guides to bCourses: Add Guide to bCourses

Instructors in bCourses can follow the instructions below to add links to specific library guides in the course navigation section of bCourses course or project sites.

Quick guide

To add a link to a library guide in the course navigation of your bCourses site:

  1. Note the title for the library guide you'd like to include.
  2. Enable the Library Guide link in bCourses under Settings > Navigation.
  3. Select the Library Guide link that now appears in your course navigation links to choose the desired guide.

See below for detailed step-by-step instructions.

library guide link in bcourses

Adding library guides to your course site (full instructions)

First, note the title of the library guide that you'd like to include in your bCourses site:

Go to bCourses to add the guide link to the course navigation:

  1. Login to your bCourses site
  2. Choose Settings from the left-hand course navigation.
    settings link in bCourses
  3. Choose the Navigation tab and scroll down to the disabled (grayed-out) course navigation links.
    navigation tab
  4. Choose the three-dots icon next to the Library Guide link and select + Enable (or drag the Library Guide box into the Enabled links above).
    enable a guide
  5. Remember to Save your settings!

To assign the correct library guide to your course navigation:

  1. Choose the Library Guide link that now appears in the course navigation for the course.
  2. If you don't see a dropdown to select a guide at this stage, refresh your browser.
  3. Select "Library Guides -" as your LibGuides Site.
  4. Choose "Full LibGuide" as your Content Type if you'd like to embed an entire guide (recommended).
    • Choose "Single page" or "Content Box" if you only want to include specific elements from a guide in your site.
    • Choose an option under "A-Z Databases" if you'd like to include a list of links to library-licensed databases for specific subjects.
  5. For Guide, scroll down to the guide you'd like to include--or type in the specific guide title or the name of the librarian who designed the guide to search--and then highlight the appropriate guide.
    choosing LibGuide from bCourses
  6. If you'd like the guide to open to a specific page/tab, choose one from the Guide Page dropdown.
  7. Choose the Embed Content button to save your selection!

To view the guide in context, select the Library Guide link again in your course navigation, and select the View Content button.

view content button in bCourses

To change or remove a Library Guide link from bCourses:

  • To change your selection at any point choose the Library Guide link in course navigation and choose the Edit Selection button again. Refresh your browser to remove the current selection and select a new guide to include. 
  • To remove the Library Guide link completely, go back to Settings > Navigation in bCourses and choose to disable the Library Guide link or drag it to the disabled links section below. 
    disable a guide link


LibGuides is the platform UC Berkeley librarians use to create and maintain subject- and course-specific research guides.

bCourses is Berkeley's Learning Management System (LMS), powered by Canvas.


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