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Bio 1B Research Skills Guide: Citation: Article records in BIOSIS Previews

Article records in BIOSIS Previews

BIOSIS Previews article record

Article records in BIOSIS Previews

The full record for any article or other resource can be accessed by clicking on the title link for its entry on the search results page.

Records in BIOSIS Previews offer information about the indexed articles and other resources. Among other information, BIOSIS Previews article records include:

  1. The title of the article. In this case: Salt stress affects the redox status of Arabidopsis root meristems
  2. The full list of authors (if the author list is very extensive, sometimes you must click "More" to see the complete list). Author names are listed as:
    [Last Name], First Name or Initial] [Middle Name(s) or Initial(s)]. Full author names are separated by semi-colons.
    In this example: Jiang, Keni; Moe-Lange, Jacob; Hennet, Lauriane; Feldman, Lewis J.
  3. Additional citation information, including:
    1. the journal title. In this case: Frontiers in Plant Science
    2. volume. In this case: 7
    3. issue (if present; not required for most scientific citation styles and journals). In this case: No issue is listed
    4. page numbers or article number. In this case: 81
    5. date of publication. In this case: FEB 8 2016

How would this article be cited in BioScience citation style?

Jiang K, Moe-Lange J, Hennet L, Feldman LJ. 2016. Salt stress affects the redox status of Arabidopsis root meristems. Frontiers in Plant Science 7: 81.

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