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Temporary Free Resources for Chinese Studies: Home

Temporary Free Resources for Chinese Studies during COVID-19

Thanks to the generous support of many vendors, the library is able to provide temporary access to a variety of e-resources during COVID-19 shutdown through September 2020.  This list of databases will be updated when new free access is offered. Databases are organized by subject/category.

Please make sure to connect through campus VPN. Google Chrome has better compatibility with accessing databases. Please contact Susan Xue at if you have questions.


COVID-19 Studies



Journals, Theses, Dissertations, Proceedings

  • Chinese Periodical of Modern China - Literature Collection 中国近代中文期刊全文数据库-文学专题 1872-1949
  • The Late Qing Full-text Database 晚清期刊全文数据库 1833-1911
  • Chinese Periodical Full-text Database 中文期刊全文数据库 1911-1949
  • Chinese Serial Full-text Database 《遐迩贯珍》 1853-1856
  • Dian-shi-zhai Pictorial Full-text Database 《点石斋画报》1884-1898
  • The North-China Daily News & Herald Newspapers and Hong Lists 《字林洋行》1850-1951
  • Sin Wan Pao 《新闻报》1893-1949
  • The Eastern Times 《时报》1904-1939
  • The China Press 《大陆报》1911-1949
  • The Tabloids《小报》1897-1949
  • The Shanghai Times 《上海泰晤士报》1925-1943
  • The Shanghai Evening Post & Mercury 《大美晚报》1929-1949
  • The Shanghai Evening Courier《上海晚邮》1869-1874
  • Shanghai Courier & China Gazette 《中华快报》1876-1878
  • Shanghai Courier 《上海差报》1876-1878
  • The Republican Daily《民国日报》1916-1949
  • Central Daily News《中央日报》1928-1949
  • Yi Shih Pao《益世报》1915-1949
  • Ta Kung Pao《大公报》1902-1949/1952