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Find Chemical Prices: Chemical Suppliers

Finding Chemical Prices through Chemical Suppliers

The best way to find current pricing for chemicals is to contact the suppliers. You can identify suppliers for a particular substance by searching a chemical properties database like SciFinder or Reaxys, or you can search through a chemical directory or catalog. Some points to remember as you search:

  • Some prices are volatile and change daily; others may be quite stable over long periods of time. For estimation purposes you should consider trends over a period of time.
  • Prices for a commodity differ according to manufacturer, location, quantity, grade, delivery mode, time of year, and other variables. Long term contract prices are usually lower than spot prices.
  • In many cases a direct quote from a supplier will be the only source of price information, especially for bulk pricing.

Search SciFinder to Locate Chemical Suppliers

SciFinder is a research discovery application that provides integrated access to the world's most comprehensive and authoritative source of references, substances and reactions in chemistry and related sciences. We currently have access to both classic SciFinder and SciFinder-n. SciFinder-n is the new version that includes an updated search algorithm and synthesis planning tools.

To begin searching SciFinder:

  1. Register for your personal account. You can choose either classic SciFinder or SciFinder-n. Classic SciFinder will eventually be retired, so choose SciFinder-n if you are a new user. Existing classic SciFinder users can use your username and password in both versions.
  2. Afterwards, visit classic SciFinder or SciFinder-n to log in.

NoteIf you are off campus, set up your proxy server or VPN before registering or launching SciFinder.

In SciFinder-n, you can conduct a supplier search from the main menu. You can also access suppliers during substance searching by clicking on the Suppliers button.


In classic SciFinder, you can search for a substance using the Substance Identifier search. Click on the Commercial Sources button on a substance record to see a list of suppliers.

SciFinder Substance Record

Search Reaxys to Locate Chemical Suppliers

Reaxys is the interface for three chemical information databases: Beilstein, Gmelin, and the Patent Chemistry Database (PCD). You can search by structure or reaction and can locate information on how to synthesize organic, inorganic and organometallic compounds. It is also a good source for critically evaluated data on on physical, chemical, spectral, bioactivity, or toxicological properties of chemical compounds.

To begin searching in Reaxys, type your substance in the main search box and click Find. Click on View Results in the Substances results box on the next page. Find the substance you are interested in and click on the shopping cart to see commercial source links in a pop up box.

Reaxys Substance Record

Search Chemical Catalogs & Directories