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Find Chemical Prices: Chemical Industry Information

Overview of Chemical Industry Information

The highest quality market analyses are compiled for industry subscribers, tend to be quite expensive, and are not generally available to an educational audience. Some trade publications offer subscription-based pricing products to individuals and companies. Otherwise, researchers must gather pricing information piecemeal from various publications and web searches. We have compiled a list of resources that can help you find this information.

Chemical Industry Journals

ICIS Chemical Business [2007-present] provides a news round-up of key events, the latest price movements and supply/demand trends, details of new projects, review of new plants and shutdowns, chemical profiles, and a longer term market outlook. The individual Chemical Profiles published weekly provide recent production and demand information for a particular product, including a price history. Profiles for about 50 chemicals are updated every 1-2 years and cover American, European, or Asian markets.

To search this journal:

  • Visit ICIS Chemical Business
  • Enter the chemical name and prices in the Search Within this Publication box
  • Click Search

In every issue, there is a Price & Market Trends section with pricing snapshots and updates. To access these, visit ICIS Chemical Business and scroll down to "Browse a Specific Issue." Choose an issue to access the PDFs of the journal.

Recent print issues are also available.


Chemical Week [1994-present] follows developments in industries such as chemicals and petrochemicals, drugs and cosmetics, fertilizer and agricultural chemicals, petroleum refining and coal, plastics, metallurgical and metal products and rubber products, among others.

Coverage emphasizes broad issues such as pollution, energy, health and safety, government regulation and consumerism. Chemical Week also focuses on the operations of multinational companies, problems with developing countries, tariffs and trade negotiations, the world monetary system as it affects the chemical industry and U.S. competitiveness.

To search this journal:

  • Visit Chemical Week
  • Enter the chemical name and prices in the search box
  • Hit return

News & Business Journal Databases

To find recent chemistry news articles from the American Chemical Society, search by chemical name in Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN). To search trade publications from the chemicals industry with breaking news on factors impacting the industry, specific companies, and regulations, try Business Source Complete, Factiva, or Nexis Uni.

Search using the chemical name. Try adding additional search terms like price, production, cost, or bulk to narrow your results.

Additional Business Resources for Chemical Pricing

These databases are recommended by our Business Librarians as additional places to look for information about chemical industries. Contact the Business Library if you'd like to consult with a Business Librarian about your research.


Overview adapted from the University of Texas Libraries Chemical Industry & Business Guide. ICIS Chemical Business and Chemical Week box adapted from the MIT Libraries Chemical Prices Guide. Both are published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License.