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Anti Racism Reader: Ibram X. Kendi's List: Definitions

About the Reading List

This reading list was created by Ibram X. Kendi, the Director of the Antiracist Research and Policy Center at Boston University. 

Please read the essay for important context.  

"This anti-racist syllabus is for people realizing they were never taught how to be anti-racist. How to treat all the racial groups as equals. How to look at the racial inequity all around and look for the racist policies producing it, and the racist ideas veiling it. This list is for people beginning their anti-racist journey after a lifetime of defensively saying, “I’m not a racist” or “I can’t be a racist.” Beginning after a lifetime of assuring themselves only bad people can be racist."

              --The Anti-Racist Reading List:  38 books for those open to changing themselves, and their world". The Atlantic, February 12, 2019

Note:  books marked with an asterisk *  are available as e-books.  Some e-books are available only to one user at a time.

If you wish to purchase these titles, consider patronizing black-owned bookstores.

Definitions and Feelings