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Rare and Special Collections, EAL: Buddhist Special Collections

The Ho-Chiang Collection of Buddhist Sutras

The Ho-Chiang Collection comprises 110 Chinese, Japanese, and Korean sutras, in part or in whole, in scroll or accordion-fold format, manuscript or block-printed, and dating from the 8th through the 18th centuries. Acquired by the Library in 1972, the collection was assembled by Prof. Ho Kuang-chung and his wife, Chiang Chen-yü. A rare resource for historical linguists, historical bibliographers, and scholars of Buddhism, the collection includes Kasuga-ban, Song and Yuan editions, and an early printing from the Tripitaka Koreana woodblocks now housed at Haeinsa, South Korea.

Researchers wanting an overview of the collection are referred to Okuda Isao, Kariforunia Daigaku Higashi Ajia Toshokan-zō kokyō korekushon mokuroku kō, in the East Asian Library’s reference collection. Chinese items in the collection can be found in OskiCat.

The Numata Collection of Buddhist Studies

The Numata Collection encompasses works on all aspects of Buddhist studies, concerning all traditions and sects of Buddhism prevalent in East Asia. It is located on the 4th floor of the Library, in the circulating collection, and is searchable in OskiCat.