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The following titles are available for library use only in the Art History/Classics Library, Environmental Design Library, Newspapers & Microforms, and NRLF (UCB). Reader-printers are available in Newpapers and Microforms, 40 Doe and the Environmental Design Library, 210 Bauer Wurster Hall. 



By Kathryn Wayne, 2015

Specific Microform Titles and Locations

A.C.S.A.A. archive (American Committee for South Asian Art).  Zug, Switzerland: InterDocumentation Co., 1977?-.  591 microfiches in 8 cases + guide. 
Art History/Classics (NRLF), MICROFICHE 873
The collection is arranged alphabetically by geographic area or by the name of the site, including views of the sites, architecture, sculpture, and painting. It contains photographs of the art of ancient Gandhara and Bactria, from the territories of Afghanistan (sites: Bamiyan; Begram; Fauladi; Fondukistan; Hadda; Kakrak; Khair-Khaneh; Paitava; Shotorak; and Surkh-Kotal), Pakistan (sites: Jamalghari; Loriyan Tangai; Mardan; Muhammad Nuri; Peshawar; Sari Bahlol; Sikri; Swat; Takht-i-Bahi; Taxila; Dharmarajika; Jandial; Jaulian; Mohra Moradu; and Sirkap), and India.

Alinari photo archive: being the Alinari, Anderson, and Brogi photo collections of Italian and other art and architecture reproduced on microfiches. Edited by L.D. Couprie.  Zug: Inter Documentation Company AG, 1983, c1982-.  1344 microfiches: vols. 1-8 + guide. 
Art History/Classics (NRLF), MICROFICHE 5052 
Contains three photograph collections from the Alinari Photo Archive: the Alinari Collection (66,444 photos); the Anderson Collection (27,244 photos); and the Brogi Collection (25,382 photos). The Alinari collection includes photographs from all of the regions of Italy as well as from some museums abroad such as the Louvre and the Dresden Museum.  The Brogi Collection covers the whole of Italy but concentrates on Florence and Tuscany, while the Anderson collection centers on Rome.  These collections are kept separately and must be searched individually.  The photographs are classified topographically.  The finding aids do not cover the whole collection, but detailed lists of the Alinari, Brogi, and Anderson collections are published on microfiche.  Subject and name indices for the Alinari collection only.  The printed guide provides a finding aid for Italian cities and villages and their provinces.

America, 1935-1946: the photographs of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Farm Security Administration, and the U.S. Office of War Information, arranged by region and by subject. Cambridge, England: Chadwyck-Healey, Ltd.; Teaneck, N.J.: Somerset House, 1980. 1,637 microfiches + index. 
Newspapers & Microforms, MICROFICHE 28570 + GUIDE 
Microfiche shelved alphabetically by region: Farwest, General USA/Canada and North America/Puerto Rico & Virgin Islands, Midwest, Northwest, Northeast, South, Southwest.  87,677 selected photographs reproduced from the collections of the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division. The most famous are from the Farm Security Administration project in the mid-1930s, representing some of the earliest and best examples of the use of photography as social documentation. Includes work by Walker Evans, Dorothea Lange, Russell Lee, Marion Post Wolcott and Arthur Rothstein.

American artists: microfiche from the Witt Library, Courtauld Institute of Art.  Novato, Calif.: Emmett Publishing, 1981.  Box 1 (Fiche 1 - 473A) + guide 
AH/C, Room 308J - Microfiche Cabinet, MICROFICHE 26974 + GUIDE

There are over 4,000 American (U.S.) artists in the Witt Library and about 70,000 photographs or reproductions of paintings, drawings and engravings by them.  The holdings of the Witt in this area complement well-known American archives such as the Frick Art Reference Library.  The American section covers the period from the early 18th century up to 1980; its coverage of 20th century art is as strong as the earlier periods.  The accompanying guide contains an alphabetical listing providing artists' names, dates and places of birth and death (when known) plus the number of the first fiche where the artists' mounts have been recorded to microfiche.  The first column of numbers refers to the original 1981 microfiche edition, the second column refers to American artists: microfiche from the Witt Library, Courtauld Institute of Art, 10 year update 1981-1991 (see the next entry, below).

American artists: microfiche from the Witt Library, Courtauld Institute of Art, 10-year update 1981-1991.  Novato, Calif.: Emmett Publishing, 1991.  328 microfiches + guide. 
AH/C, Room 308J - Microfiche Cabinet, MICROFICHE 26975  
Note: See previous for description.

Art exhibition catalogs microform: indexes.  Cambridge, England; Teaneck, N.J., 1982. 13 microfiches. 
Art History/Classics (NRLF), MICROFICHE 4226
Subject index to art exhibition catalogues published on microfiche by Chadwyck-Healey Ltd. Index divided into 4 parts: listing by author; title; agent of publication (i.e., museum or gallery); and subject, including artists names.

Author index of Byzantine studies.  Compiled by Dumbarton Oaks, Center for Byzantine Studies, Washington, D.C.; edited by Jelisaveta Stanojevich Allen.  Zug, Switzerland: IDC; New York: Distributed in the U.S. by Clearwater Publishing Co., 1986?  170 microfiches. 
Art History/Classics (NRLF), DF503.A9 1986 
Cumulative index of all annotated bibliographic entries published in the journal Byzantinische Zeitschrift from 1892-1981 plus additional references.

Biographisches Archiv der Antike = Biographical archive of the classical world.  München. K.G. Saur Verlag, [1997?]-1999.  623 microfiches + guide. 
AH/C, Room 308J - Microfiche Cabinet & Newspapers & Microforms, MICROFICHE 27170 
Biographical entries compiled from German, English, French, Italian, Latin and Greek works. Covers approximately 150,000 individuals from the 8th century BC through Byzantium. The geographical sphere covers today's Greece and Italy and territories dominated by Hellenic and Roman rulers, from Lusitania to India, from Britannia to North Africa. Supplemented by classical vitae and biographical information on classical scholars.

Bulletin Rubens: annales de la Commission Officielle Institutée par le Conseil Communal.  Antwerp. Conseil Communal, 1882-1910. 
Newspapers & Microforms, MICROFILM 3439.ND 
Bulletin Rubens was originally published from 1882-1900, in 5 volumes, by P. Génard and C. Ruelens. A primary source for archival documents on Rubens and his family, specifically created to illuminate Ruben's life as artist, scholar, diplomat, school headmaster, family man and citizen. Includes documentation on Ruben's art, correspondence, historical studies, unedited documents, political activities, etc. In French, with illustrations. 

California art & artists information file: California art, a subject index. California sculptors, a biographical index.  Sacramento, Calif.: California State Library Foundation; Bellevue, WA, 1982. 8 fiches + user guide.
Newspapers & Microforms, MICROFICHE 4173 Over 120 periodicals and newspapers as well as a few books have been selectively indexed for material related to California art and artists from 1904 to May 1982.

Catalogue of French-language medieval manuscripts in the Koninklijke Bibliotheek and Meermanno-Westreenianum Museum, the Hague. Compiled by Edith Brayer.  Amsterdam: Moran Micropublications, 2002. 18 microfiches + guide.
Newspapers & Microforms, MICROFICHE 30350 + Guide A collection of 120 French-language manuscripts, mainly acquired between 1798 and 1840. Extensive codicological descriptions are given for the majority of manuscripts; those not described are included for a complete overview. As a supplement, manuscript provenance is included. Highlights of the collection are the Heures de la Passion by Christine de Pisan, Cité de Dieu by Saint Augustine, and the collection of the princes of Orange-Nassau.

Catalogues of sales: 1734-1945. Sotheby & Co. 1734-1945. ca. 10,000 catalogs on microfilm.  Part I (Reels 1-71; 1734-1850); Part II (Reels 1-148; 1851-1900); Part III (Reels 1-155; 1901-1945). 
NRLF (UCB), MICROFILM 16663.Z Covering catalogues from the British Museum collection, each catalogue is preceded by a contents card detailing the names of the owners, date of sale, number of pages, lots, illustrations, location of the copy filmed, and the contents of the sale. To facilitate use, the entries in the guides for each part are arranged in the same chronological order as the catalogues in the microfilm collection.  Contents are categorized under the following headings: Autographed Letters, Art (Objects), Art (Pictorial), Books, Coins and Medals, Mss. (Western), Mss. (Oriental), and Other.

Cicognara Library: literary sources in the history of art and kindred subjects. Edited by Philipp Fehl and Lizabeth Wilson.  Urbana, Ill.:  Published by the Leopoldo Cicognara Program at the University of Illinois Library in association with the Vatican Library, 1989-.
The Cicognara Library Collection contains approximately five thousand books on art, archaeology, and allied subjects. Acquired by the Vatican from Conte Leopoldo Cicognara (1767-1834) in 1824, the books date from the beginning of printing to Cicognara's time. Included are many bound volumes of engravings with texts that show how to draw and paint, how perspective works, how to build houses, bridges, fountains, machines, etc. In addition, there is a large collection of books and pamphlets on museums and private collections, sales catalogs, travel to historic and artistic sites, engravings of works of art and architecture, feasts, funerary rites and solemn entries, costume and dress, emblems, hieroglyphs, and more.

Collection de pièces sur les beaux-arts (1673-1808): dite Collection Deloynes.  Paris: Bibliothèque nationale ; New York: Clearwater Pub. Co. distributor, 1980.  504 microfiches.
AH/C, Room 308J - Microfiche Cabinet, MICROFICHE 5545
Microform of the 63 volume Deloynes collection in the Bibliothèque nationale.  A panorama of art criticism during the Old Regime, The Revolution and the Empire, this collection includes over 2000 pamphlets, manuscripts, and salon and exhibition catalogs. The Deloynes Collection was begun by the well-known merchant and amateur artist Pierre-Jean Mariette, who was succeeded in 1774 by Charles-Nicolas Cochin.  At Cochin's death in 1790, the work was continued by M. Deloynes, auditor at the Cour des Comptes.  Each salon catalog contains critiques, lampoons and appreciations. The volumes are organized chronologically; however, the last volumes of the collection are arranged thematically.

Contemporary women artists: pictures from the Women Artists Slide Library.  Haslemere, Surrey, United Kingdom: Emmett Pub., 1992.  17 microfiches + guide.
AH/C, Room 308J - Microfiche Cabinet, MICROFICHE 27085 (Guide MICROFICHE
This volume lists 226 artists, arranged alphabetically. The entry for each artist gives the artist's name and a reference indicating where images are to be found on the microfiche.

Conway Library, the Courtauld Institute of Art: microfiche copies of materials in the collection. Haslemere, England: Emmett Publishing, 1987-1988.  6 parts in 6979 microfiches + printed contents list.
AH/C, Room 308J - Microfiche Cabinet, MICROFICHE 28642
The photographs, acquired from professional photographers as well as faculty and staff,  reflect the teaching and research that has been  undertaken at the Courtauld Institute.  The photographs cover the following areas: Pt. 1. Architecture: France and Italy; -- pt. 2. Architecture: British Isles, Germany, rest of Europe, Africa, America, Asia, Australia; -- pt. 3. Architectural drawings; -- pt. 4. Sculpture: 15th- 20th centuries; -- pt. 5. Medieval arts. Sculpture, Seals, Byzantine Architecture & Mozaics; -- pt. 6. Manuscripts.

Conway Library 5 year update, 1987-1992.  Haslemere, England: Emmett Publishing, 1993. 860 microfiches + guide.
AH/C, Room 308J - Microfiche Cabinet, MICROFICHE 28643
The update follows the order of the original microfiche, except that the six parts have been amalgamated into one.  All information about each photograph is annotated on the mount.

Courtauld Institute of Art periodicals index. Bath, England: Mindata Ltd., 1989.  277 microfiches.
Newspapers & Microforms, MICROFICHE 28703
Reproduces the card index file to articles on the fine arts, architecture, decorative arts and related subjects, which appeared in almost 200 art periodicals over a forty year period beginning in the mid 1930s.  Subject headings serve to guide the users, i.e. iconography, portraits, sculpture, etc.  Most cards include a brief summary of the article referred to, and each subject is indexed in fine detail.  Each header strip includes details of the first and last subjects of the fiche.

Crace Collection of London views in the British Museum. British Museum, Department of Prints and Drawings.  London: Mindata, 1982.  8 microfilm reels + guide
Newspapers & Microforms, MICROFILM 20520 see DA677.A12.C7 (MICROFILM/MICROFICHE GUIDES) for index to reels and catalog of the collection.
A comprehensive graphical representation of London from the 16th to the 19th centuries, comprising almost 8,000 reproductions.

Deloynes Collection; see entry: Collection de pièces sur les beaux-arts (1673-1808): dite Collection Deloynes

Dictionary catalog of the Library of the Freer Gallery of Art, Smithsonian Institution. Freer Gallery of Art, Library. Boston: G.K. Hall Micropublications, 1991. 2nd enl. ed. 252 microfiches, negative + guide.
Newspapers & Microforms, MICROFICHE 30529
This microfiche collection is the second, enlarged edition of the reproduction of the card catalog of the Freer Gallery of Art Library, Smithsonian. Half of the book collection is in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean, and also includes numerous manuscripts, photographs, and slides. The guide provides an introduction and a list of fiche headers arranged by sections:  Asian language catalog,  Western language catalog,  Library of Congress classification catalog.

Early Alinari photographic archive of art & architecture in Italy.  London: Mindata, 1980. 122 microfiches.
Art History/Classics (NRLF), MICROFICHE 19162
This collection reproduces photographs, mainly taken before the end of the 19th century, in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, and represents only a small portion of the Alinari archive. Photographs are arranged topographically, in alphabetical order by town, and organized mainly in three sections: Town A-Z; Florence; and Rome. The guide features two separate alphabetical indexes: artists, architects, and sculptors; and churches, museums and important buildings.

Early photographs from Egypt, 1880-1910.  Allard Pierson Museum (Universiteit van Amsterdam) Archive.  Leiden, the Netherlands: IDC Microform Publishers, 1988.  12 microfiches (582 photographs, black and white illustrations)
Newspapers & Microforms, MICROFICHE 34156
Selected glass negatives (some positive) made mainly in Egypt, some in Greece and Turkey, showing Islamic and modern architecture, ancient Egyptian monuments, daily life in the cities and countryside and flora and fauna of Egypt.  Original photographer unknown, but many of the negatives have exact dates. Includes printed guide.

Emblem books. Supplement 1: a microfiche project.  Edited by Wim van Dongen.  Zug, Switzerland: Inter Documentation, 198-?.  780 microfiches.
Newspapers & Microforms, MICROFICHE 18001
Emblem books. Supplement 2: a microfiche project.  Edited by Wim van Dongen.  Zug, Switzerland: Inter Documentation Company AG, 1985?  1,303 microfiches + guide
Newspapers & Microforms, MICROFICHE 22725 + GUIDE  
Emblem books are an invaluable source for historians of literature and the visual arts.  This collection includes rare and important emblem books starting with the first published emblem book, Alciato's Emblematum Liber (1531).  Other authors in this collection include Abraham a Sancta Clar, Camerarius, Drechsel, Menestrier, and Ripa.

Exhibition catalogs of the Hermitage from the Library of the State Hermitage Museum St. Petersburg.  New York: Norman Ross Publishing, 2000.
Newspapers & Microforms, MICROFICHE 28597
The catalog collection traces in chronological order the Hermitage exhibition history and covers the period immediately following the Revolution through the 1970s.  The catalogs comprehend the outstanding permanent collections of the Hermitage, covering areas such as primitive culture, the culture and art of ancient Egypt, Russian culture, the art of Italy, England and France, decorative silver, European wallpaper, etc. Also includes guides and catalogs covering collections on loan from other institutions that were temporarily exhibited at the Hermitage. These catalogs comprise a large part of this microfiche collection and include a great variety of subjects.

Frühwerk Gustav Klimts.  Dobai, Johannes. Wien: Universität Wien, 1958.
Newspapers & Microforms, MICROFILM 12354.ND
Dissertation based on Gustav Klimt’s early work.

Index iconologicus. Compiled by the Art Department at Duke University, by Karla Langedijk and Kathryn L. Eisenhardt.  Sanford, N. C., Microfilming Corporation of America, 1980.  433 sheets. illus.
Newspapers & Microforms, Microfiche 1785. See Doe Reference, N7420.A12.I6 for GUIDE
Consists of more than 60,000 alphabetically filed entries.  These entries contain, in addition to photographic reproductions of art works, much literary, bibliographic, and historical information. Although the bulk of the material comes from the 16th and 17th centuries, entries are included from as early as A. D. 1250 to as recently as 1940.  The guide is also issued on microfiche, together with the microform edition, filed at head of the set.

Index of ancient art and architecture: monuments of Greek and Roman cultural heritage in the photographic collection of the German Archaeological Institute in Rome = Index der antiken Kunst und Architektur: Denkmaler des griechisch-römischen Altertums in der Photosammlung des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts Rom.  München; New York: K.G. Saur, 1988-.  Microfiches + guide.
AH/C, Room 308J - Microfiche Cabinet, MICROFICHE 17031
A collection of over 300,000 photographs on ancient art from the German Archaeological Institute in Rome.  The microfiche set includes reproductions from the collection, divided into several subject areas as follows: architecture (topographical); figurative and non-figurative sculpture (topographical); idealized sculpture (thematic); portrait sculpture (chronological); sarcophagi (typological/thematic); vases (chronological by type/Beazley); terra cotta (chronological/thematic); painting (chronological); mosaics      (topographical); smart art (by object); inscription (thematic); and miscellaneous, small or division.

Internationale Bibliographien zur Kunstliteratur zwischen 1500 und 1850 = International bibliographies of art literature between 1500 and 1850.  München. K.G. Saur, 1999.  167 microfiches + guide.
AH/C, Room 308J - Microfiche Cabinet, MICROFICHE 27938
Bibliographies on architecture, painting, graphic art, sculpture and landscape gardening published between 1500 and 1850. Covers Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England, France, Italy, Spain and the U.S.A. Arranged alphabetically by the compiler's name. Guide contains index of authors and titles plus an index of titles arranged by country and art genre.

Kasimir Malevich archive, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. Malevich, Kazimir Severinovich, 1878-1935.  Zug, Switzerland: Inter Documentation Company, 1980.  46 microfiches + guide.
Newspapers & Microforms, MICROFICHE 19025
A collection of 35 handwritten texts, typewritten texts, notebooks, and clippings from Kazimer Severinovich Malevich (1878-1935).  The texts date from 1913 to 1927 and include the complete manuscript for the proposed 1922 edition of the book "Suprematism. Mir kak bespredmetnost."  The archive also contains parts of Malevich' main philosophical work "The World as Non-Objectivity."

M.C. Escher archive drawings:  Haags Gemeentemuseum, mei 1980.  [Zug, Switzerland]: IDC, 1981?
106 fiches + guide.
Newspapers & Microforms,  MICROFICHE 34158
The authentic collection of all Escher drawings housed in the Haags Gemeentemuseum. Includes a printed guide listing the individual drawings with specifications as to date, exact size, technique used and place in the microfiche collection. Approximately 2,100 drawings.

Marburger index: Inventar der Kunst in Deutschland.  Bildarchiv Foto Marburg, Deutsches Dokumentationszentrum für Kunstgeschichte, Philipps-Universität Marburg, Ernst-von-Hulsen-Haus.  New York, N.Y. : K.G. Saur, 1988-.  Microfiches + user manual.
AH/C, Room 308J - Microfiche Cabinet, MICROFICHE 10704
The 930,000 photographs cover material from the Middle Ages to the present.  The western and non-western art included covers architecture, painting, sculpture, prints, and decorative arts and crafts.  Organized topographically, it begins with municipal architecture, followed by sacred and secular architecture, and ends with museums and their individual works of art.  Within the frame of each microfiche are names of artists, titles of works, dates, and dimensions.  Provides extensive subject index.  The Marburger Index is based on ICONCLASS : an iconographic classification system (AH/C, Room 308J - Microfiche Cabinet, Z697.A8.W3 1973), a subject specific international classification system for iconographic research and the documentation of images covering the subjects of western art.  Provides definitions, including keywords, of objects, persons, events, situations and abstract ideas that can be the subject of an image. 

Mediaeval manuscript collection, including some post-mediaeval manuscripts. Section 4, illuminated manuscripts.  Trinity College, University of Cambridge, Library.  London: World Microfilms Publications, 1979.  45 microfilm reels + guide.
Newspapers & Microforms, MICROFILM 19462 ND
This collection covers the 10th-17th centuries and includes examples of most of the Western European styles of illumination.  For contents see guide: ND2897.C3.T7 (in Newspapers & Microforms)

Mediaeval manuscripts at Lambeth Palace Library.  London, England: World Microfilms Publications in association with Lambeth Palace Library, 1975-.  31 microfilm reels + 1 pamphlet.  Contents:  Section 3. Illuminated manuscripts.
Newspapers & Microforms, MICROFILM 17738.BX
These 22 manuscripts (some in color) date from the 9th to the 15th centuries. The collection includes a 12th-century Gregorii Homiliae, the Lambeth Bible, the Lambeth Apocalypse, St. Alban's Chronicle, St. Neot's Psalter and the 9th-century Gospels of MacDurnan. For contents list to reels, see MICROFILM 17738 BX guide (in Newspapers & Microforms).

Modern Chinese pictorial art, 1949-1979.  Simon B. Heilesen. Zug, Switzerland: Inter Documentation Co., 1980? 3 microfiches.
AH/C, Room 308J - Microfiche Cabinet, MICROFICHE 6022
A sample survey of modern Chinese art limited to the first three decades of the People's Republic of China. The survey is based on Dutch, British, and German library collections. Here pictorial art is defined by traditional Chinese painting, oil painting, water-color, and drawings & graphics (distinguished as woodcuts, nianhua, posters and prints). The name of the artist, title of painting (in Chinese if the original title was available; otherwise, in English), date, place of publication and subject are provided.  Searchable by alphabetical, chronological, and subject indexes.

Museum of Modern Art artists files.  Alexandria, Va.: Chadwyck-Healey, 1986.  5,699 microfiches.
Newspapers & Microforms, MICROFICHE 24540
Contains announcements, newspaper clippings, press releases, reviews, and other ephemera from the late 19th through the mid-20th centuries relating to more than 20,000 modern artists.  Arranged alphabetically by artist's name and includes material on all kinds of artists from painters to performers.  Includes bibliographical references.

Museum of Modern Art artists scrapbooks.  Alexandria, Va.: Chadwyck-Healey Inc., 1986. 642 microfiches.
Newspapers & Microforms, MICROFICHE 33756
The scrapbooks are arranged alphabetically by 44 individual artists with three multi-artists collections at the end.

Photographs of Egyptian Art and of Egypt: The Hans Wolfgang Muller Archive. Hans Wolfgang Muller.  Heidelberg, Germany: H.W. Muller Archive, Heidelberg University Library, 1931-1975. 84 microfiches + guide.
Newspapers & Microforms, MICROFICHE 34157
Photographs, made between 1931 and 1975 by Egyptologist Hans Wolfgang Müller.  Photos document objects d'art, sculptures, reliefs and smaller objects as well as other Egyptian antiquities.  Over 9,000 photographs.  Includes printed guide with list of places, sites and collections in alphabetical order; list of fiches and their contents; and list of objects and negative numbers.

Recueil.  Pièces sur les arts, 15è-20è siècles.  12 volumes on two microform reels.
Newspapers & Microforms, MICROFILM 79049
Collection of images--engravings, caricatures, photographs, reproductions of paintings--that have as their subject French artists and ateliers from the 15th to the 20th centuries, in the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Estampes et Photographies Department.

Sotheby's sales catalogues. See entry: Catalogues of sales: 1734-1945

Theateraffiches. Gemeentearchief Rotterdam.  New York, NY: Norman Ross Pub., distributor, c199-?.     386 microfiches + guide.
Newspapers & Microforms, MICROFICHE 27913  +  GUIDE
The Municipal Archives of Rotterdam holds a remarkable collection of large-format posters documenting theatre and some opera performances in the city's theatres and in certain other Dutch cities in the second half of the 19th and first quarter of the 20th centuries.  Provides a significant resource for research for the history of the theatre and performance but also for the wider study of European culture during this crucial period of its history.

Theo van Doesburg archive.  Netherlands, Rijksdienst Beeldende Kunst.  Leiden: IDC, 1991. 441 microfiches + guide.
NRLF (UCB) & Environmental Design Reference, MICROFICHE 27915
As writer, art theorist and art critic, van Doesburg was an untiring propagandist of the new.  This archive contains correspondence with artists and magazine editors; Van Doesburg's published works and many manuscripts; photos of his work and the exhibitions he took part in; scrapbooks, notebooks, diaries and personal papers.

Women artists in the Victoria & Albert Museum.  Haslemere, Surrey: Emmett Publishing, 1994. 10 microfiche + guide.
AH/C, Room 308J - Microfiche Cabinet, MICROFICHE 27089
Catalogue of women's art in the Collection of Prints, Drawings and Paintings, Victoria & Albert Museum.

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