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Zotero: Collaboration

This guide will help you use the free online citation and research management tool Zotero to organize citations from Library catalogs and databases.

Zotero Groups

Zotero groups allow you to share and collaborate with others in private or public groups you can create. You can also join an existing public Zotero group by searching for it, or be invited to a group by its owner.

  Private Groups Public, Closed Membership Public, Open Membership
Zotero group visible to anyone N Y Y
Zotero group findable in group searches N Y Y
Zotero group shown on member's profile pages N Y Y
Membership by invitation only Y Y N
Members can share references Y Y Y
Members can share files Y (if enabled) Y (if enabled) N
Administrator can hide library from non-members Y Y Y


Create a Group

1. At, login to your account.

2. Go to

3. Choose a name for your group, and choose the type of group .

4. Set and save your Group Settings and Library Settings.

5. Under Members Settings you can designate roles for members and invite new members. You can send the invitations using email addresses or Zotero usernames. 

Member roles are:

  • Group owner: can change group public/private status, control access by members, change group settings, and delete/transfer ownership of a group.
  • Administrator: change group public/private status, control access by members, and change group settings.
  • Member: edit group library according to access level determined by administrator or group owner.