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eBooks at Berkeley

Printing and Downloading in EBSCO

EBSCO eBooks can be viewed from any browser and read online.

Downloading (limited)
You can download a segment of most EBSCO eBooks (30 pages or fewer, though in some cases more) in PDF or ePub format, which you can keep permanently. To download portions of the book:

  1. Select the PDF Full Text or EPUB Full Text link on the left of the page.
    screenshot of links to full text
  2. Navigate to the beginning of the chapter or section you'd like to save, and choose the Save Pages disk icon.
    save pages icon
  3. The pop up will show you how many pages are available. Follow the prompts to choose which pages you'd like to download and choose the Save PDF/ePub button.
    save pages to pdf dialog screen

Downloading (full)
Some books are also available for full download (or check-out) for 7-14 days, which requires the free Adobe Digital Editions software to view.

To download an entire EBSCO eBook:

  1. Install Adobe Digital Editions (free) on your own computer/device.
  2. Find your eBook in EBSCO and choose the Download (Offline) link.
    download (offline) screen shot
  3. Login to your MyEBSCOHost account (or create one for free).
  4. Follow the prompts to download your eBook for a limited period of time.

The print limit for most EBSCO eBooks is 30 pages though some publishers may limit this further.  To print, follow the Downloading (limited) instructions above, and then print from the downloaded file.