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Writing a Research Paper - A guide to resources for UCB students: Home

Writing a Research Paper

Overview of the process of writing a research paper (UCB Student Learning Center)

Getting Started with Research (UCLA)

Assignment Calculator (University of Toronto) 

Enter your start date and due date, choose the type of project, and view a customized step by step guide to the process with target dates for each step.

Get help with library research (including 24/7 chat!)  (UCB Library)

Subject Guides to Library Research (UCB Library)

Evaluating Resources (UCB Library)

Tutoring and workshops on writing (UCB Student Learning Center)

Handouts and guides to writing (UCB Student Learning Center)

Writing consultants for College Writing 1A and 4A (UCB College Writing department)

Art of Writing tutoring program for R&C classes (Art of Writing, Townsend Humanities Center)

Feeling proud of your research paper?  consider submitting it for the Library Prize!

Interested in moving from course-based research assignments to conducting original research?  Resources in support of students doing original research,  (UCB Office of Undergraduate Research)

Ask a Librarian 24/7 Chat