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Immigration, Deportation and Citizenship, 1908-2018: Selected Resources from the IGS and Ethnic Studies Libraries: Display

On Display in the IGS Library Reading Room

Display Case

Display Case

Dreams deported : immigrant youth and families resist deportation edited by Kent Wong and Nancy Guarneros
Publication Date: 2015
Call No.:JV6483 .D73 2015 Ethnic Studies
Dreams Deported: Immigrant Youth and Families Resist Deportation is a UCLA student publication featuring stories of deportation and of the courageous immigrant youth and families who have led the national campaign against deportations and successfully challenged the president of the United States to act.
A Japanese Province
Reprinted fromThe Sacramento Bee
Publication Date: 1919-07
Call no. HT1500:J1 M1c.Ja IGSL

America's Japanese Problem by Dr. Herbert B. Johnson
Publication Date: 1920-06-15
Call No.: HT1500: J1 J9. Am IGSL

Who's the Illegal Alien, Pilgrim? Yolanda Lopez
Publication date: 1981
Available for viewing at the Ethnic Studies Library

The deportation drive vs the bill of rights : the McCarran Act and the foreign born by Isabel González; American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born
Publication date: 1951-02-06
Call No.: HT1500 : S A6p. G8d IGSL
Pacific coast convention of the Anti-Jap Laundry League
Publication Date: 1908-12-06 
Call No.: HT1500:S A6J.PC Dec. 6, 1908 IGSL

Is This the Way to Treat Heroes? the American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born
Publication Date: 1945
Call No. HT1500:S A6p.i IGSL​

Step-children of a nation : the status of Mexican-Americans by Isabel González; American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born
Publication Date: 1947
Call No. HT1500: S A6p. G7 IGSL

Guarding the immigration gates : what has been done, what is still to be done by S. McClatchy; American Legion of California. Convention; California Joint Immigration Committee.
Publication Date: 1925-09-15
Call No. JV6010 C2j. m2g IGSL
 Alien legislation and American democracy by the Foreign Language Information Service (U.S.)
Publication Date: 1940-03
Call No: HT1500: S F7l. al IGSL

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On Bookshelf

On Book Shelf   

Merchants of Labor: the Mexican Bracero Story 1860-1925 by Ernesto Galarza
Publication Date: 1964
Call No.: HT1500 C2 G2.m IGSL
An account of the managed migration of Mexican farm workers in California.