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New Strategist Publications: Home

A list of New Strategist titles available at the Berkeley Library

What kind of information can I find in New Strategist Publications?

These books contain a wealth of demographic and consumer spending data for the United States.  Data are largely drawn from the Bureau of Labor Statistics's Consumer Expenditure Survey, an ongoing, nationwide survey of household spending that is a complete account of household expenditures.   

Some of these titles are available in print; others are available as e-books on the eBrary platform.  Where online access is available, links are provided, otherwise call numbers are listed.

Consumer Series

Get fast access to the numbers you need in this series of quick-reference books that sum up the U.S. population. Each title is designed for easy use--charts and tables are well-constructed for data clarity--and together they provide the demographic, spending, and lifestyle data most important to understanding life in the United States.

"Who's Buying" Series

The volumes in the Who’s Buying Series are based on the current edition of Household Spending: Who Spends How Much on What and give researchers even more detail about how much Americans spend by the demographics that count—age, income, household type, race and Hispanic origin, region of residence, and education. To round out the spending picture, researchers also get “who are the best customers” analyses of the data.

Money Series

Four volumes that examine who has money and what they do with it. American Incomes explores and explains the economic status of Americans. Household Spending provides a comprehensive analysis of the nation’s economic ups and downs with its analysis of spending trends at the individual household level. And Best Customers reveals who the best and biggest customers are for hundreds of individual products and services.

"Who We Are" Series

The Who We Are series provides a comprehensive look at the characteristics of America’s three major minorities: Asians, blacks, and Hispanics. In addition to detailed estimates of their numbers nationally and by state and metropolitan area, the three volumes in the Who We Are series include the latest socioeconomic data on each population. It has detailed spending data for households and the latest data on household wealth. Results from the American Time Use Survey are also presented, profiling time use and comparing it to the averages.

Each Who We Are series is divided into ten chapters arranged alphabetically: Attitudes, Education, Health, Housing, Income, Labor Force, Living Arrangements, Population, Spending, Time Use, and Wealth (there are no wealth data for Asians). Descriptive text and charts accompany most of the tables, highlighting the important trends.

American Generations Series

Each of the four volumes in the American Generations Series provides an in-depth look at the demographic and lifestyle data most important for researchers who want to understand how each generation is changing and what to expect from them in the future.