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The Daily Californian: Where to find the Daily Cal

Guide to finding articles in the Daily Californian newspaper.

Where to find Daily Californian newspaper

 masthead from 1919

The Daily Californian website is searchable back to 2011 (to 2008 in some cases).

The Daily Californian archive is online here as part of the Library's Digital Collections.  Digitization is ongoing, some years are still in process.  

Hathi Trust version is also missing some issues.  Users may see full text (full view) from 1898 - 1979 and from 2000-February, 2019.  Users have access to a limited view (search only) from 1980-1999.


  • ALWAYS toggle the "Fulltext Search" button to ON.
  • Search tips and advanced search are available but problematic.
  • If at all possible, browse by year.  You can search by specific dates, for example: use the filters on the left to limit to a specific year, and then search for the month and day (spelled out or abbreviated:  October or Oct)

In addition microfilm beginning Oct 2, 1897 through the present are available by appointment from the News/Micro Library.  


"The Daily Californian has its roots in The College Echo, published by the Durant Rhetorical Society at the College of California before the founding of the University of California. The society continued the publication after the formation of the university and the move to the Berkeley campus site as The University Echo. The Neolaean Literary Society began the Neolaean Review in March 1873, and the two publications merged in January 1874 as The Berkeleyan. There was a gap in the publication from 1888 thorough 1892; a new series of The Berkeleyan was begun in 1893.  The named was changed to The Californian in 1897, and in October of that same year it became the Daily Californian."  (Source)


The Daily Californian: The First 150 Years (exhibit)