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Fritz-Metcalf Photographs: Special Collection: Photographers


Roughly half of the 9000 photographs in the Fritz-Metcalf Collection are by an identified photographer. 

Of the identified photographers, the following have contributed the greatest number of images:

  • Woodbridge Metcalf: 2773 images
  • Emanuel Fritz: 2533 images
  • Donald Bruce: 252 images
  • D. T. Mason: 92 images
  • Duncan Dunning: 51 images

All of the other photographers are responsible for fewer than 50 images each.

Photographers A - J

Austin, Lloyd

Barrett, L. A.
Bates, C. G. and Schneider, J. B.
Baylis Estate Co.
Beeson, Russell
Bellue, A.
Blair and Gowan
Bruce, Donald
Bryant, R. C.
Burton, R. E.

California Division of Forestry
Cheatham, Dan
Clar, Charles R.
Coenen, Virgil
Crose, Charles Davis, V. B.

de Reygadas
Dickson, Howard
Dresbach, David
Dunning, Duncan
Durbar, F.

Ericson, A. W.

Fairbank, J. P.
Fieg, Walter
Fiske, J. N.
Funke, Fred
Fritz, Emanuel

Gilman, William J.
Gleason, Clark
Grah, Rudolf F. Haddock, Phil
Hall, Ansel
Hays, J.

Jackson, Claude

Photographers: K - R

Kay, James
Kellogg, L. F.
Kimball, M.
Knutson, C. E.
Kraebel, C. J.

Langworthy, R. D.
Loew, C.
Los Angeles Farm Advisor Film
Lowdermilk, Walter Clay
Lundemo, John Mackie, David B.

Maguire, W.
Malmesten, H. E.
Mason, D. T.
Maxey, Carl W.
Mekeel, Helen
Metcalf, Woodbridge
Mexia, Ynez
Miller, John
Mills, Laura E.
Muench, A. G.
Muzzall, Alexander

Nordstrom, Carl

Oliver, T. K. Pemberton, J. E.
Phelps, H. H.
Plumb, Herbert L.
Pratt, Merritt B.
Purdy, Boston

Raven, C.
Rock, R. C.
Ruth, Larry

Photographers S - Z

Schumacher, Bruce
Severance, Hayward M.
Sharp, W. F.
Shattuck, Charles H.
Show, S. B.
Smith, L. S.
Sowder, A. M.
Stamm, A. J.
Swenson, Eric

Tade, B. E.
Thomson, Walter
Tissot, Alden F.
Tyrrell, M. T.

U. S. Forest Service

W., J. P.
Wagener, Willis W.
Wahlberg, H. E.
Wallen, Arnold
Washburn, Henry
Weber, Arnold
Wentling, J. R.
Wieslander, A. E.
Whitaker, E. S.
Williams, Mrs.
Wilson, Lovill
Winear, B. M.
Woods, Lottie