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UC Berkeley’s library buildings are open. Here’s what you need to know.

A Hundred Harvests: The History of Asian Studies at Berkeley



Exhibit Coordinator

Suzanne McMahon


Exhibit Catalog Coordinators

Yu-lan Cou

Jean Han

Suzanne McMahon



Dan Johnson

Suzanne McMahon


Catalog and Virtual Exhibit Text

Asia | Richard M. Buxbaum

South Asia | Suzanne McMahon; Vanessa Tait

Southeast Asia | Virginia Jing-Yi Shih; Rebecca Williams

East Asia  | Joan Kask; Tom Havens

China | Jean Han; Alison Altstatt

Japan | Hisayuki Ishimatsu

Korea | Yong Kyu Choo


Printed Catalog Design

Catherine Dinnean


Web Catalog Design

Vanessa Tait