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Jeffrey Alan Hadler: An Intellectual Legacy

photo of Professor Jeffrey Alan Hadler



Professor Hadler's Life and Work




Throughout his life, Professor Jeffrey Alan Hadler (1968-2017) established himself as an accomplished scholar in Indonesian studies, authoring several books and a dozen articles. Over the last fifteen years, Professor Hadler selflessly dedicated his intellectual insight and guidance to the UC Berkeley academic community, enhancing the Library's Southeast Asia collection.



Muslims and matriarchs : cultural resilience in Indonesia through jihad and colonialism


Sengketa Tiada Putus: Matriarkat, Reformisme Islam, dan Kolonialisme di Minangkabau (revised and expanded translation of Muslims and Matriarchs)



Muslims and Matriarchs: Cultural Resilience in Indonesia through Jihad and Colonialism

"A Historiography of Violence and the Secular State in Indonesia : Tuanku Imam Bondjol and the Uses of History", Journal of Asian Studies (67:3, August 2008)



Indonesia in the Soeharto Year: Issues, Incidents, and Images (co-editor and project historian)


Indonesia in the Soeharto years : issues, incidents and images


"Translations of Antisemitism: Jews, the Chinese, and Violence in Colonial and Postcolonial Indonesia", Indonesia and the Malay World (32:94, November 2004, pp. 291-313)



"Rusli Amran and the Rewriting of Minangkabau History", Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia (March 2003)



"Home, Fatherhood, Succession: Three Generations of Amrullahs in 20th Century Indonesia", Indonesia (no. 65, April 1998, pp. 122-154)

"Remus Orthography: The History of the Representation of the African-American Voice", Journal of Folklore Research (35:2, August 1998, pp. 99-126)



"Membongkar Minangkabau", Jurnal Kebudayaan Genta Budaya (v. 1:1, 1995, pp. 60-77)


Jeffrey Alan Hadler's Accomplishments and Roles


Image result for jeff hadler images2009-2012  |  Member, Southeast Asia Council of the Association for Asian Studies

2011-2014  |  Chair, Center for Southeast Asia Studies

2011-2014  |  Faculty Representative, Southeast Asia Materials Project Executive Committee of the Center for Research Libraries

2014-2015  |  Chair, Department of South and Southeast Asian Studies

2016-2017  |  Member, Academic Senate Library Committee



Dr. Hadler's Honors and Fellowships


Image result for jeff hadler images2012-2013  |  Faculty Research Grant from the UCB Committee on Research to conduct Fieldwork in Bali, Central Jave, and Jakarta

2011  |  Harry J. Benda Prize from the Association for Asian Studies (given annually to an outstanding newer scholar for a first book in the field of Southeast Asian Studies)

2009  |  Mellon Research Grant for newly tenured faculty

2008  |  Faculty Research Grant from the UCB Committee on Research for a publication subvention

2008  |  Berkeley nominee for the Carnegie Scholars Program for the project, "Particular Heresies: Debating Muslim Matriliny in Indonesia."

2006/2007  |  Faculty Research Grant from the UCB Committee on Research for fieldwork in Indonesia, "Night Letters, Art and Ambiguity in the Early Years of Soeharto's New Order (1966-1974)."

2006  |  Humanities Research Fellowship sabbatical semester to finish book revisions for Muslims and Matriarchies: Colonial Society After jihad

2003-2004  |  Townsend Center Fellow

2003-2004  |  Freeman Grant to revamp the undergraduate curriculum in Southeast Asian Studies, new courses offered in 2004-2005

2003  |  UC Berkeley Mellon Library/Faculty Fellow for Undergraduate Research

2002-2003  |  COR research assistantship grant to developing a critical translation of a 19C Hebrew traveler's account of Southeast Asia

2002-2003  |  Co-Principal Investigator for Pac Rim funded project: "Developing a Digital Research infrastructure for Southeast Asia", initial workshop held in Siem Reap, Cambodia, in January 2003

1999-2000  |  Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation Grant, "Translations of Antisemitism: Jews and Violence in Indonesia"

1997-1998  |  Charlotte W. Newcombe Fellowship from the Woodrow Wilson Foundation

1994-1996  |  Fulbright Doctoral Research Award; SSRC International Dissertation Fellowship to conduct research in Indonesia (West Sumatra, Jakarta, and Yogyakarta) and the Netherlands.

An Overview of the Jeffrey Alan Hadler Collection on Southeast Asia

Material Types

Books, journals, wall maps, posters

Course readers, research files, archival materials


Subject Areas

Cultural Anthropology

Post-WWII Political History

Social and Religious (particularly Islamic) History

Indonesian Art

Indonesian Literature

Travel Literature

Language Studies

Minangkabau Studies

Colonial Era of Dutch East Indies Studies



English (80%)








Jawi (Arabic alphabet for writing Malay)


Printable Bibliographies






Celebrating Jeffrey Alan Hadler's Intellectual Legacy 





An Exhibition in 120 Doe Library

from January through May 2018


The Hadler Family donated 3,733 volumes of books, journals, wall maps, and posters, and 16 linear feet of course readers, research files, and archival materials on Southeast Asia and beyond that Professor Hadler collected over the past three decades. The Jeffrey Alan Hadler Collection covers extensive holdings on core interdisciplinary Southeast Asian studies. The subject areas include cultural anthropology; political history of post-World War II; social and religious history, especially on Islam; Indonesian art; literature; travel literature; language studies; Minangkabau studies; and the colonial era of Dutch East Indies studies -- all of which will augment Berkeley's globally-renowned Southeast Asia collection.

About 80 percent of the Jeffrey Alan Hadler Collection is in English and the rest is in Indonesian, Malay, Dutch, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Jawi (the Arabic alphabet for writing Malay). The bulk of the collection covers research and academic imprints and most of the materials were published in the United States, the Netherlands, and Indonesia, from the second half of the 20th century to 2016.

The Jeffrey Alan Hadler Collection on Southeast Asia will offer an extraordinary resource for the scholarly community in Southeast Asian studies locally and globally through interlibrary loans. Ultimately, the collection will reinforce the University Library's mission to enhance public understanding of Southeast Asia.

This exhibition highlights a few samples of Professor Hadler's gift books on contemporary Southeast Asian art and his favorite comic books. 


Special thanks are due to Yusmarni Djalius for her courtesy loan of the Indonesian Minangkabau songket fabric; Ninik Lunde for her gift of the two Javanese shadow puppets; Romo (Prince Rama) and Sinto (Princess Shita and King Rama's wife as per the Javanese version of the Ramayana epic poem); and Quyen My Le for her curatorial assistance.


The Exhibition Opening on March 9, 2018

Hadler's father speaksDancer at event

Librarian speaksGuest looks at documents






Photos above from Virgie Hoban's article Intellectual Legacy of Campus Historian Endures in South/Southeast Asia Library