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Map the Bay: Mapmaking Contest


The UC Berkeley Earth Sciences & Map Library's Student Mapmaking Contest ran for 3 years, 2020-2022, and invited local students to create their own maps--both real and imagined--of the Bay Area.

For information about past contests visit:

Check out the related exhibit, Map the Bay, to learn about the history of mapping the Bay Area.

New for 2023 - Map Mashup!

map mashup flyer Map Mashup! 

Mix it up! Mash it up! Make a map! Remix a digital map from the Library’s collections! What will you create?

April 19 & 20 @ McCone Hall

REGISTER to participate!

The UC Berkeley Earth Sciences & Map Library invites students and others to use maps from our collection as the basis for a new map that they create. Over the course of two days we're hosting a series of map-related workshops and open work hours for people to work on their maps, either individually or in groups. The map mashups can be created on a computer or using physical materials. We'll publish digital versions of the final map mashups online!

Hosted by the Earth Sciences & Map Library, studio.geo, & BUGs.