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Primary Source Collections

The Hargrove Music Library holds a significant number of microform sets containing primary source collections of music from other libraries. The tables below list titles of significant collections of music manuscripts, printed music, libretti, and other materials, their call numbers, and the printed guides listing individual manuscripts contained in each collection. The contents of English microform sources can be searched online via Primary Source Media .

Music Manuscripts

Collection Call Number Guide
European Music Manuscripts in the British Library: Austrian, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Other European Music, ca. 1640-1820 MICROFILM A2736 ML136.L8B75 1998 Ref Desk
European Music Manuscripts before 1820 in the Biblioteca da Ajuda, Lisbon MICROFILM A2738 ML136.L5A52 Ref Desk
Italian Music Manuscripts in the British Library, London Series A-D: c.1640-c.1820 MICROFILM A1450 ML136.L8I82 1987 Ref Desk
Music Manuscripts from the Great English Collections
   1. Music Collections of the Bodleian Library, Oxford
   2. Music Collection of St. Michael's College, Tenbury

   3. Music Collection of Christ Church, Oxford

   4. British Library Music Manuscript Collection
   5. Music Collection of the Royal College of Music
   6. Music Collections of the Cambridge Libraries
   7. Music Collection of the Royal Academy of Music
   8. Music Manuscripts in Major Private Collections:
      The Gerald Coke Handel Collection
   9. Music Collections of Chapel and Cathedral Libraries
      Part I: St. George's Chapel, Windsor



online Guide from Gale

ML136.O9B56 1979 Ref Desk
ML136.T4S31 1986 Ref Desk
see also ML136.T4S3 Ref
ML136.O9C49 1981 Ref Desk
see also ML136.O9C5 Ref
ML136.L8B6 1983 Ref Desk
see also ML136.L8B7 Ref; ML138.B8K4 Ref
ML136.L8R75 1983 Ref Desk
ML136.C412L4 1987 Ref Desk
see also ML136.C412.F57 Ref
ML136.L8R63 1988 Ref Desk
ML136.M87 1988 Ref Desk

ML136.W47S3 1991 Ref Desk
Music Manuscripts, 1500-1793, from the National Library of Scotland MICROFILM A2733 See Catalog record for contents
Music Manuscripts of the Classical and Romantic Eras
Series One: Autograph Music Manuscripts from the Musikbibliothek der Stadt Leipzig

Part 1: Music Manuscripts of Bach, Haydn, Haendel and Mendelssohn

MICROFILM A2067 ML136.L4 M8 2002 pt.1 Ref Desk
Musikhandschriften der Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Preussischer Kulturbesitz

   1. Die Bach-Sammlung
   2. Die Georg Philipp Telemann-Sammlung
   3. Die Beethoven-Sammlung

ML136.B5.S735 1997 Ref Desk
ML136.B5 S736 2001 Ref Desk
ML136.B5.S737 1997 Ref Desk
Die Musikhandschriften der Staats- und Stadtbibliothek Augsburg MICROFICHE M88 Z929.A14.A94 1974 v.1 Ref
Die Musikhandschriften der Universitaetsbibliothek Muenchen MICROFICHE M64 ML136.M8.G67 Ref
The Pembroke Choir Books and Other Music Manuscripts from Pembroke College, Cambridge MICROFILM A2370 ML136.C412 P36 1996
The Ricasoli Collection [University of Louisville] MICROFILM A1625 ML136.L69R5 1989 Ref Desk
20th Century Composers
1. The Music Manuscripts of Sir Michael Tippett, Sir Arthur Bliss and Gerald Finzi
2. The Elgar Diaries, Letters and Manuscripts from Birmingham University Library
MICROFILM A1745 ML135.T845 1992 Ref Desk

Printed Music

Collection Call Number Guide
Early Music from Low Countries Libraries

   I.-IV., VI. [see Music from Dutch Libraries]
   V. Historical Organ Collection [see Other]
   VII. Keyboard Music, 1620-1820
   VIII. Music for Solo Instrument, 1660-1820
   IX. Music for Instrumental Ensemble, 1660-1820

Ref Desk
ML136.H25G54 1993 pt.7
ML136.H25G54 1993 pt.8
ML136.H25G54 1993 pt.9
French Opera Scores, Gemeentemuseum, The Hague MICROFICHE M84 ML136.H25G557 1983 Ref Desk
Die Haydn-Drucke der Hoboken-Sammlung, Oesterreichische Nationalbibliothek Wien MICROFICHE M97 ML136.V6N34 1982 v.6-9 Ref Desk
Jewish Sheet Music from the Central Scientific Library of the Academy of Sciences, Kiev, Ukraine MICROFILM A1627 ML136.K554.V4 1992 Ref Desk
Jewish Sheet Music from the National Library of Russia, St. Petersburg MICROFILM A2089 ML136.S14.D8 1997 Ref Desk
Keyboard Music, Gemeentemuseum, The Hague MICROFICHE M83 ML136.H25G545 1987 Ref Desk
see also ML136.H25G555 1987 Ref Desk
Lincoln Cathedral Library Music Collection: 17th-19th Centuries MICROFILM A1421 ML136.L8L5 1985 Ref Desk
Music for Solo Instrument and Ensemble, from Dutch Music Libraries MICROFICHE M80 ML136.H25G547 1988 Ref Desk
Music from Dutch Libraries

   I. Concertos before 1820
   II. Orchestral Music before 1820
   III. Church Music, c.1750-c.1820
   IV. Vocal and Instrumental Tutors
   V. Historical Organ Collection [See Other]
   VI. Vocal Music, 1650-1820
   VII-IX. [See Early Music from Low Countries Libraries]


Ref Desk
ML136.H25G54 1993 pt.1
ML136.H25G54 1993 pt.2
ML136.H25G54 1993 pt.3
ML136.H25G54 1993 pt.4

ML136.H25G54 1993 pt.6
Die Musikdrucke der Staats- und Stadtbibliothek Augsburg, 1488-1630 MICROFICHE M89 MUSI CDR13
Opera Collection, Gemeentemuseum, The Hague MICROFICHE M86 ML136.H25G556 1984 Ref Desk
Opera Collection, Supplement 1, from Dutch Music Libraries MICROFICHE M87 ML136.H25G5561 2000 Ref Desk
Printed Music at Christ Church Library, Oxford MICROFILM A1925 ML136.O9C7 1998 Ref Desk
Printed Music before 1800: The Music Collection of the British Library MICROFILM A1454 ML136.L8B6 1987 Ref Desk
see also ML113.R45 Ser. A & Ser. B, v.1:1; ML136.L8.B73 Ref
Thomas A. Edison Collection of American Sheet Music, from the Music Library, University of Michigan MICROFILM A2737 ML136.A144E3 2000 Ref Desk
Online Guide from Gale
Westminster Abbey Library: The Early Printed and Manuscript Music MICROFILM A1422 ML136.L8W4 1984 Ref Desk
The Women Composers Collection, from the Holdings of the Women Composers Collection, the Music Library, University of Michigan MICROFILM A1804 ML128.W7W7 1998 Ref Desk


Collection Call Number Guide
Libretti: die bis 1800 erschienenen Textbuecher,
Herzog August Bibliothek, Wolfenbuettel
MICROFICHE M4 ML136.W65H42 Ref Desk
Albert Schatz Collection of Opera Librettos, Library of Congress MICROFILM AA2364 See Library of Congress Catalogue of Opera Librettos, ML136.U5O6 Ref
Venetian Opera Libretti, UCLA MICROFILM AA2628 ML136.L842.U682 1993 Ref
Online Guide from Gale


Collection Call Number Guide
Internationale Musik-Sachlexika vom 17. bis zum fruehen 19. Jahrhundert = International Dictionaries of Musical Terms from the 17th to Early 19th Century MICROFICHE M78 M108 .I58 1999 Ref Desk
Music from Dutch Libraries
Part V. Historical Organ Collection: The Batz and Witte Archive
MICROFICHE M102 ML136.H25G54 1993 pt.5 Ref Desk
Music Journals from the National Library of Russia,
St. Petersburg (1902-1914)
Technical Drawings of Musical Instruments
Gemeentemuseum, The Hague
MICROFICHE M81 ML136.H25G574 1995
Ref Desk

Sources in Facsimile

The Music Library also holds a significant number of printed facsimile editions of works by a number of composers. Generally shelved at M2.8 in Case X (Special Collections), this material is, unfortunately, not browsable. Instead, use UC Library Search and in an advanced search enter the term "facsimiles" (plural) as a SUBJECT and add a composer last name as AUTHOR in a second search box.

Take the call number to the Circulation Desk so the item can be retrieved from Special Collections.