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People's Park: Resources from The Bancroft Library

Campus Records

Records of the Office of the Chancellor, University of California, Berkeley, 1952-2000

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Records of the Office of Student Activities, approximately 1917-1990 (partially unprocessed and restricted collection)
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People's Park material assembled by the Center for Research and Development in Higher Education, 1969-1970


Social protest collection, 1943-1982 (bulk 1960-1975)
(originals restricted due to fragility, microfilm use only)
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People's Park controversy handbills, 1969-1992

Newell Hart collection of Berkeley ephemera, 1963-1969
BANC MSS 78/183

Poster miscellany of the 1960's and 1970's, 1968-1979
BANC PIC 19xx.487


People's Park conflicts in Berkeley, California, 1969-1972 (restricted collection)
BANC PIC 1999.032--AX

People's Park, July 14, 1969
BANC PIC 2019.027--ffALB

People's Park protest photographs, 1969
BANC PIC 2010.064

Views of People's Park, Berkeley, Calif., 1969-1990

Berkeley and San Francisco Bay Area scenes from the 1960's, 1967-1972
BANC PIC 1992.063

Alan Copeland photograph archive, 1968-1989 (partially restricted collection)
BANC PIC 2017.041
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Lonnie H. Wilson photograph archive, 1950-1988 (partially restricted and unprocessed collection, appointment required to view)
BANC PIC 1992.029--NEG
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Fang family San Francisco Examiner photograph archive photographic print files, 1874-2000 (bulk 1911-2000)
BANC PIC 2006.029

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Fang family San Francisco Examiner photograph archive negative files, 1920-2000 (bulk 1929-1999) (partially restricted collection, appointment required to view)
BANC PIC 2006.029--NEG
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Howard Brainen photograph archive, 1969-1980 (unprocessed collection)
BANC PIC 2019.025


Daily Californian, 1871-present (available online through UCB Library Digital Collections and HathiTrust)

Days of Blood - Nights of Terror, 1969 (8 issues published by the Daily Californian during the People's Park conflict)
pff F869.B5 D39 1969

Berkeley Barb, 1965-1980
ff PN4888.U5 B53

Berkeley Daily Gazette, 1899-1975
pff F869.B5 B4755

Berkeley Tribe, 1969-1972
ff PN4888.U5 B54

Instant News Service, 1969
pf AP2 I56

Ramparts, 1962-1975
pf AP2 .R19

People's Park Emergency Bulletin, 1991
pf HM671 .P453

Government Documents

Police report for People's Park riots, 1969
BANC MSS 2015/2

Report on People's park disorders, 1969

The People's Park: A report on a confrontation at Berkeley, California, submitted to Governor Ronald Reagan
308h P42.G7

People's Park clipping files, 1969

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Oral Histories

People's Park interviews Berkeley, Calif., 1969

Roger Heyns: Berkeley Chancellor, 1965-1971: The University in a turbulent society, 1987
BANC MSS 88/103

Rowena Jackson: Preservation of civil liberties in Berkeley, 1990
BANC MSS 2000/58

A life history with Doris Maslach, 2007
BANC MSS 2008/163

Ira M. Heyman: Chancellor, 1980-1990, Vice Chancellor, and professor of law, UC Berkeley, and secretary, the Smithsonian Institution, 2004
BANC MSS 2005/244

Henry F. May: Professor of American intellectual history, University of California, Berkeley, 1999
BANC MSS 2000/91

Dean of Students Arleigh Williams: the Free Speech Movement and the Six Years War, 1990
BANC MSS 91/102

Personal Papers

Leon Eli collection of witness statements relating to People's Park and general unrest in Berkeley, California, 1969
BANC MSS 99/80

Henry F. May papers, 1940-2011
BANC MSS 89/61

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Eric Dibner papers, 1973-1991 (bulk 1975-1985)
BANC MSS 99/186

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E. Richard Brown papers, 1957-1973
BANC MSS 2015/157