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Physics and Astronomy Library Resources for Alumni: Welcome

Visit the Physics Astronomy Library

The Physics-Astronomy Library welcomes Cal Physics and Astronomy alumni!

Visit for access to our print collection as well as many of our online resources which are available to alumni through the library's public computers. We offer printing and scanning services as well.

Before visiting, check our library catalog for the availability of a publication. Some of our older materials are stored off site.

Learn more about library cards, borrowing and other privileges for Berkeley alumni.

Alumni access to online library sources

Due to our legal contracts with publishers and information providers, the UC Berkeley Library cannot offer alumni offsite access to our paid online books, journals, and databases.

However, alumni may receive guest access to the majority of subscribed online resources through the computers at the UC Berkeley libraries when you visit campus.

WiFi internet access at the Library

wifi, CalVisitor, internet

CalVisitor provides WiFi Internet access for library visitors.

However, this does not grant access to licensed library resources. Please use public computers at the Berkeley libraries instead.

Physics-Astronomy Library

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