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PH 293: DrPH Seminar Library Resources: Writing

Writing Guides, Manuals, etc.

Other Recommended Books

Tame Your Inner Critic

UCB affiliates can access the resources at the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity (NCFDD), including lots of tips and workshops on writing, publication, and more. One thing they suggest is to tame your inner critic:

Inner critic: What you’re writing sounds stupid.
You: I’m just getting my ideas out on paper so they’re easier to sort out. I’m obviously rearrange everything later. Relax.

Inner critic: I can already see <insert Senior Scholar> tearing my work down.
You: Everyone knows that Senior Scholar is also a jerk who tears everybody’s work down. There are literally five other scholars in that same field who have told you that your work is not just good, but cutting-edge.

Inner critic: Someone’s already done this research. Don’t waste your time.
You: My angle to this research is totally different. Plus, it’s important to have different perspectives within the same research area.

NCFDD also produces the Dissertation Success Curriculum: a series of trainings to learn how to navigate around the common barriers to finishing the dissertation in the context of a supportive community.

Writing Help @UCB

Here is a short list of sources of writing help available to UC Berkeley students, staff, and faculty: