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PubMed: More Search Tips: RSS feeds and search alerts

Advanced search tips for the PubMed biomedical literature database.

RSS feeds in PubMed

You can save your searches as RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds by running a search in PubMed, and clicking on the RSS link located below the search box:

PubMed create RSS


Click on the Create RSS button to create the feed, and then on the XML button to see the results:

PubMed xml feed


Copy and paste the URL into the subscribe form in your RSS reader, or choose an application from the drop-down menu and click Subscribe Now:

Search alerts in PubMed

To save a search and set up an e-mail search alert, on the results page click Create alert:


A login page for My NCBI will open. Log in to My NCBI (or create an account), select e-mail delivery, choose the frequency and day for the alert, the format and number of items, add an optional message, and then click Save:


You will receive e-mail updates whenever articles that match your search are added to PubMed. Additionally the search will appear under Saved Searches when you log in to your My NCBI account.

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