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Measuring Research Impact: Broaden Your Impact

Learn how to measure the impact of your research.

Researcher Networks

Below are a few of the more widely-used interdisciplinary, scholarly networking tools. Being part of a network may help you find collaborators and publicize your work more widely. Discipline-specific online networking communities also exist.

More on networking for researchers:

Boosting Your Altmetrics

In addition to using your networks to raise awareness of your research and publications, here are other tips and tools:

Use an Author Identifier

Using an author ID will help distinguish you from other authors with similar names and will make sure that all your research output is grouped together - both good steps in broadening your impact. Registering for an ORCID identifier is a great place to start!

Research Impact Beyond Published Articles

There are several initiatives to try to develop reward systems that recognize researchers' contributions beyond their publications in 'top' journals. Here are a few:

Related Topic: Broader Impacts

Addressing the 'broader impacts' of your research is a requirement for some grants, like the National Science Foundation (NSF) grants. Here are a few resources devoted to broader impacts: