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Events & Instruction from the Sciences Libraries: Asynchronous Learning

Learn at Your Own Pace

To help meet the needs of researchers and students in an increasingly remote environment, we built a Jupyter book that includes virtual tutorials on our most requested course materials.

Don't have time in your schedule to attend a workshop? Check out the Virtual Online Library Tutorials (VOLT) Jupyter book to learn more about searching, organizing, and writing tools and work through the content at your own pace.


Zotero logoZotero is a tool that collects, manages, and cites the sources you find during your research. In addition to saving a citation, you can add notes and images in your Zotero library and in many cases automatically download PDFs.

You can use Zotero to...

  • Create and organize a personal database of references
  • Import references automatically from many websites and library E-resources
  • Format bibliographies in your papers

Introduction to LaTeX with Overleaf

LaTeX logoLaTeX is a document preparation system that was created to give scholars more control over their documents. LaTeX enables flexible formatting, and is especially useful for mathematical symbols, mathematical and chemical equations, and other non-standard typography.

Librarians offer LaTeX workshops each semester, along with a self-paced online tutorial for using LaTeX with the powerful Overleaf editor.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

GIS raster dataGeographic Information Systems (GIS) are software tools that can import, create, store, edit, visualize and analyze locations represented geometrically as coordinates georeferenced to the surface of the earth. GIS tools are used to create digital maps and to analyze geospatial data to find quantities such as distance or area and to determine relationships such as proximity or enclosure.

Research 101

Research 101 bannerResearch 101 is for anyone interested in deepening their library research skills. Research 101 is offered as a self-paced online tutorial and as workshops that are held either in person or on Zoom at set dates and times throughout the semester.

Level Up: Research Survival Guide

Level Up ResearchYou may feel that you already know how to search. . .but research requires skills beyond simple searches. This short guide will help you get started with research at Cal, along with five simple tips to survive (and thrive) in your research.

Library Research Notebook

Level Up Digital logoThe Library Research Notebook is a self-paced asynchronous interactive activity that you can assign to orient your students to the Library. You will see the results of your students' work in a Google Sheet upon completion. Create a copy of the notebook to get started!

Tech tip: The Notebook is a Google Form, so the bConnected team is your source for specific technical support, and the Google Workplace Learning Center has excellent guides for training and help.

O'Reilly for Higher Education

O'Reilly for Higher Education logoO'Reilly for Higher Education features thousands of computer manuals and technical books, self-paced online courses, and instructional videos. O'Reilly eBooks can be read online. Customize the display (text width and font size, style and color) under the Settings gear icon.