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Socialism in America: Ephemera from the IGS Library 1885-1973: Home

Sample Ephemera

Recent U.S. public opinion polls have found rising levels of popularity for socialism. The election of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY 14th District) and the popularity of Bernie Sanders with young people has challenged the Democratic Party establishment while introducing policies such as Medicare for All and the Green New Deal into regular political discourse. While public opinion indicates a new interest in the ideals of Democratic Socialism among segments of the population, the U.S. has experienced a long history of diverse Socialist movements along with vigorous opposition from opponents.

The IGS Library has an extensive collections of materials on Socialist movements in the United States from the late 1800s onward. Please visit our exhibit in the IGS reading room to view a selection of these documents over the fall 2019 semester. 

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