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Sciences Division, Bioscience Library Training Room: Use policy

Training Room Use Policy and Reservations

The Bioscience, Natural Resources & Public Health Library Training Room is located inside the library in Room 2189 Valley Life Sciences Building (VLSB). Reservation priority is given to Library instruction sessions that focus on the subject areas of the Life & Health Sciences Division: the Division of Biological Sciences, the College of Natural Resources, the School of Public Health, and the School of Optometry. Other UC Berkeley Library and subject groups may request use of the room after Life & Health Sciences Division Libraries instructional needs are met. Room 2189 is not available for regular class scheduling.


Room 2189 may only be used for Library-related authorized events and only for the date and time approved. The Training Room Instructor must be a Library or University instructor and must be present to monitor the room’s use.

Hours of use: Monday-Friday, 9 am – 5 pm.


Reservation requests to use Room 2189 should be made in advance through the LHS Division Librarians. Please provide the name, address, phone number, and affiliation of the Instructor, the official name of the group, purpose, and anticipated audience size. Complete the reservation form and submit it online. You will be contacted regarding approval of your request.

Bioscience Library Training Room Reservation Request Form

Questions should be sent to

During heavy instruction periods (e.g., early- to mid-semester), we may need to limit advance reservations. Although we wish to be accommodating, Library instruction has priority.


  • Capacity: 49, including instructor(s)
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Student computer workstations with active data connections: 38
  • Wireless access for laptops (requires CalNet ID for access to paywalled licensed resources)
  • Instructor technology setup:
    • Video projection system with sound controlled from the instructor's station
    • 1 PC instructor computer and 1 laptop connection (some VGA adaptors available; please check with librarians to confirm)
    • Adjustable-height lectern
    • Whiteboard

Apart from the equipment described above, the Library does not supply computer equipment.


Room 2189 is located inside the Library, to the right of the entry. Library staff must facilitate entry to the Training Room. At the end of a session the instructor is responsible for contacting Library staff to insure that the room is locked and security systems are activated. The Training Room instructor or the instructor's department or organization may be liable for any damage to or loss of equipment during the training session.


Please note: Food and drink are prohibited at all times in the Library Training Room. Signage can only be posted on the Training Room sign holder. The Library Training Room Coordinator or the Instructor are responsible for returning all furniture to its original placement, cleaning the whiteboard (if used), turning off the student computers, the room projector and lights, and ensuring that the room is in clean condition. Campus policies concerning the use of University space and equipment apply.