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UC Berkeley History: Basic Sources: Campus History/About

An introduction to the Library's collections relating to the history of UC Berkeley

Where to Find the Resources Listed on this Guide

The largest concentration of basic sources for the history of the University is the UC Archives reference collection, which includes the Catalog of classes, Blue and Gold yearbook, student directories, Centennial RecordThe Chronicle of the University of California, among other titles.

UC Library Search is the UC Berkeley library discovery system, which lists holdings of most campus libraries.  User guide for UC Library Search.  Use UC Library Search to find current locations and circulation information for UC Berkeley library holdings.
If the UC Library Search record for an item lists "UC Archives reference" as the location, then you may use the material on-site during Bancroft open hours.  You will have to check your bags and coats at the Bancroft security desk  but you will not have to register.  Tell the Bancroft staff that you are here to use materials in the reference collection.  You  may take photos of library materials with a digital camera or cellphone.
If the UC Library Search record lists "Bancroft" or UC Archives as the location, make sure you plan your visit, register in advance, schedule and appointment, and request materials in advance.
If the UC Library Search record lists "Bancroft NRLF" or UC Archives (NLRF) as the location, make sure to request materials at least a week in advance.
If the UC Library Search record lists another library location, go to the Library hours page to access the Library's web page. 

Campus History - online sources

Faculty, Administrators, Alumni

See "Campus Publications" tab for yearbook and student and alumni directories

Campus Budget and Salaries