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WRDS databases

About WRDS


Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) is a web-based data service from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. It provides research access to financial, economic, accounting, and marketing data and can be accessed with web based SAS/Studio, R/Studio Server and Python/JupyterHub.

Note: Long series historical data is available from many vendors and is not updated in real time. Users may prefer to use WRDS in conjunction with programming languages (SAS Studio, R, Python/Jupyter)  for historical financial research. The D-Lab is a resource for users who may need help with working with the data in these programming tools. 

Many other financial databases  are available for research. 

Creating a WRDS account

Accessing WRDS:

Current Berkeley students, staff, and faculty can request an account for academic research with a email address. Go to You may be asked to provide details of how you will use this data in your research.

Please allow 7 days for account approval.


Contact our Business Reference team or email us at


Navigating WRDS

  1. Finding Data in WRDS
    1. Get Data (blue horizontal bar).

      • Select All Data.

      • Select Subscribed. (Right column)

      • Scroll to Datasets by Concept. (Right column)

    2. OR. search by keyword such as stocks, futures, analyst etc.

      • Filter results by Content Type->Content, by Concept, by Vendor, by Region, etc.

    3. IMPORTANT: Look at manuals for each dataset in WRDS.

  2. Quick intro to WRDS video.

  3. Additional WRDS Training and Videos for different datasets

  4. How to use WRDS in programming languages: SAS, R, Python/Jupyter