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Canadian Studies: Research Tools

A library research guide

Research Tools for Canadian Studies

Archival Collections and Primary Sources

Use these web sites, print reference sources, or library databases to find primary sources, such as manuscripts, diaries, letters, firsthand accounts, or historical documents on a subject, person, event or issue. See also the library guide Finding Primary Sources and List of Archival Collections on the Berkeley campus.

*Blue asterisk indicates that the resource was recently added to the guide.


The complete list of databases is available through the Library's Electronic Resource Finder.

Article Indexes and Databases

Listed below is a broad selection of article indexes recommended for research in Canadian Studies. For additional resources, please consult the Library's Electronic Resource Finder.


Bibliographies and Subject Guides

Selected lists of materials in any format organized around a common theme or topic.

Online Resources


Book Reviews

Listings of book and film reviews in journals, magazines, newspapers, etc. included in article databases and indexes, book review indexes, or review journals.

Library Databases

Dissertations and Theses

Find dissertations by searching Proquest Dissertations and Theses (PQDT), which indexes graduate dissertations from over 1,000 North American, and selected European, graduate schools and universities from 1861 to the present. Dissertations published since 1980 include brief abstracts written by the authors and some feature 24-page excerpts. The database offers full text for most of the dissertations added since 1997 and some full text coverage for older graduate works.

Also see Find Dissertations and Theses for other specialized sources. Dissertations completed at UC Berkeley can be found in OskiCat, using the feature allowing you to limit to dissertations/theses:

Dissertations/Theses in Oskicat

Older dissertations not available full text may be obtained through Interlibrary Loan or using the "Request" option in Melvyl.

For more extensive indexing of doctoral dissertations and theses from Western Europe, here are a few other resources to consult:

News Databases, Indexes and Web Sites

Listings (may include abstracts or full text) of articles in newspapers, newsmagazines, broadcast news transcripts or wire services. Also includes web sites of these media, or directories of such sites.


Canadian Libraries and Catalogs

Listings of books and other items belonging to a particular library or, as with union catalogs, a group of libraries, and usually containing information on the location and subject classification of each item. This category also includes national bibliographies, or lists of all books published in a particular country.


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