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NES 24, Egyptology: Online Databases

Core Databases & Encyclopedias

These online sources are available on Campus or through Proxy Server and VPN off Campus.

Choose a database, THEN search it for articles, books and ...

Find a database for your academic discipline, like Psychology, by clicking Find Databases by Subject, or search for database names or broad topics like historybiology, or kinds of media such as newspapers here. 

Search in the database for articles, using your keywords or search terms. You can't find articles searching in this Databases box.

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Reading Citations

Finding a citation in a bibliography (online or in print) is a great way to find more resources on your topic.

However, you have to be able to read the citation in order to find the item in the UCB Library.

The most common citations are for books, articles, and book chapters. Can you tell which citation below is for a book?  For a chapter?  For an article?

  • Stevenson, Alice 2015. The lost lions of Koptos. In Stevenson, Alice (ed.), The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology: characters and collections, 38-39. London: UCL Press.

  • CICARMA, Andra Elena. "The Animals and Gods of Ancient Egypt. Examples of Osirian Animals as the Receptacles or the Recipients of the Transmigrating Soul." Scientific Journal Of Humanistic Studies 7, no. 13 (October 2015): 27-34.

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