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Building Codes and Regulatory Resources: By Location

A guide to locating building codes, especially for California and the San Francisco Bay Area, in the UC Berkeley libraries and on the Internet.

International Building Codes

 Also check individual country codes.

  • International building code / International Code Council. Falls Church, Va.: The Council, 2000-2009. IBC are published on a three year cycle.
  • site contains links to - Databases - BYGGDOK, ICONDA (International Construction Database), General Information, Code Check, International Codes and Standards, links to codes and standards from over 15 countries, Standards Organizations, International - CIB, ISO, RILEM, UICB, WSSN, Seismic Codes, International Guide to International Seismic, CodesSoftware and CodeBuddy.


National Codes

California Codes

San Francisco

San Francisco Government - The online version of the San Francisco Municipal Code available from the American Legal Publishing Corporation.

***The San Francisco Building Codes are amendments to the California Building Codes and must be used in conjunction with them. Copies of the current California Building Code are available at UCB. [Copies of both the S.F. and California Building Codes are available at the Government Information Center of the San Francisco Public Main Library.]


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