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Optometry: Evidence-Based Practice


Evidence-Based Practice in Optometry Project
Learn about EBP in Optometry.

Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice
From the Duke University Medical Center Library.

Sources of Evidence at Berkeley

Start your search with evidence sources at the top and work your way down.

Online Summary Resources


DynaMed Plus

Clinical Practice Guidelines

AOA Optometric Clinical Practice Guidelines

AOA Quick Reference Guides

AAO Preferred Practice Patterns (Guidelines)

National Guideline Clearinghouse

Synopses of Systematic Reviews

Cochrane Library
Systematic Reviews Cochrane Library
Synopses of Studies ACP Journal Club (internal medicine)
Filtered Studies

PubMed Clinical Queries
→ Visit PubMed and select the Clinical Queries tool

Unfiltered Studies




Cochrane Library

Search Multiple Evidence Sources at Once

     SUMSearch 2

Receive Alerts of New Publications


     PubMed Alerts

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