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California Government Information: Home

Attribution and Thanks

This guide has been revised and adopted from the UCSD guide to California State Government Information by Kelly Smith,. and from the previous UC Berkeley guides by Jesse Silva and Natalia Estrada.  


The UC Berkeley Library has been a complete depository for California documents since 1945, and houses California documents going back to the founding of the state in 1850. Most of this material can be found by using UC Library Search.  This guide provides access to California legislation, agencies, the courts, elections, and statistics.  It is also a starting point for historical publications from the state of California.

As a complete depository library (defined in California Government Code Section 14905), the library historically received one copy of each state publication, defined under Government Code Section 14902 as "any document, compilation, journal, law, resolution, Blue Book, statute, code, register, pamphlet, list, book, report, memorandum, hearing, legislative bill, leaflet, order, regulation, directory, periodical or magazine issued by the state, the Legislature, constitutional officers, or any department, commission or other agency thereof or prepared for the state by private individual or organization and issued in print." In practice many publications are now online access only.  

Using UC Library Search to Find Historic California Publications

UC Library Search is very helpful in finding California government information. The best strategy is to use the Advanced search function. Once at the Advanced Keyword Search screen, change the first drop-down to Author and enter California into the box next to it.


finding California documents in UC Library Search


You can try leaving the remaining boxes open as "any field" and enter keyword terms in the boxes (think of broad search terms for this step). You may also change the second box to Author and add the name of a particular agency, or add additional terms if you wish. You also have the option to limit by date at the bottom of the search page or library location if needed.

Key Resources

Search engine indexing the California Government domain. This is an excellent place to start for online publications.