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HISTART N100: Welcome

A guide to research resources for students in Joseph Albanese's Summer 2023 Theories and Methods of Art History class.

Hello, HISTART N100 students!

This guide collects Library resources and tips useful for your Object Biography assignment. All links used in class appear on this first page. The other pages provide links to a wealth of art history resources that might help you with your research.

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Links featured in class

General Search Tools:

Manage Citations:

Search Tips

UC Library Search search box containing "global warming"Use quotation marks to search for a phrase. 


Search for "transgender AND athlete"Use AND to search for items with all search words in any order.


UC Library Search search box containing "Irish OR Celtic"Use OR to search for items with at least one search word. 


UC Library Search search box containing "wom?n"Use a question mark to search for variations of a single character.

(ex: search for "woman", "women", and "womyn".)

UC Library Search search box containing "cultur*"Use a wildcard/asterisk to search for variations of multiple characters.

(ex: search for "culture", "cultural", "culturally", etc.)

UC Library Search search box containing "voodoo NOT economics"Use NOT to exclude words or phrases. (ex: search for voodoo but NOT voodoo economics.)


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Arts Research Source Types

Art-related periodical indexes lead to both popular and scholarly articles in the journal literature. List of Indexes. 

Books Search by author, title, keyword, or subject in UC Library Search.

Catalogues Raisonné  present the complete works of an artist, often accompanied by a comprehensive bibliography. Search of these in UC Library Search and include 'catalogue raisonne' as a keyword.

Dictionaries (general or subject-specific) can be useful for tracking down unknown or obscure words and terms, and for related terms. Examples include: A Concise Dictionary of the Avant-gardesThe Edinburgh Dictionary of ModernismDictionary of Subjects and Symbols in Art.

Exhibition catalogs contain scholarly essays and high quality images. Search in UC Library Search and include 'exhibition catalog' as a keyword.

Newspaper Articles can be useful when searching for current artists and exhibition reviews. Search in News Databases.

Primary Sources represent first-hand accounts, such as oral histories, personal interviews, an artist's archives, etc.  The Bancroft Library, and the Berkeley Art Museum are excellent sources for finding original source material.  Also see Calisphere for digitized collections from libraries and archives around California. See the Digital Public Library of America for digital collections from archives and libraries around the U.S. Also search WorldCat and limit to Archival Materials. You may also use an archive directory such as Archive Finder or ArchiveGrid to find archives with relevant holdings.

Reference Sources are sources such as handbooks, dictionaries and encyclopedias. Examples include: Bloomsbury International Encyclopedia of SurrealismOxford Art Online. See our guide page on reference works for more information.