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10 things every Berkeley bioscience researcher should know: Home

Every Berkeley Life & Natural Sciences Researcher Should Know

10 things every Berkeley bioscience researcher should know:

1. Finding articles

Some key databases:

A guide to databases by subject scope:

Finding the full text of an article from a citation:


2. Finding journals, books, reports, conference proceedings, and more


3. Getting articles, books and other materials to which UC Berkeley doesn't have access


4. Finding papers that cite a key reference


5. Keeping current in your field


6. Connecting from off-campus


7. Saving, organizing, and citing your references


8. Borrowing laptops and other equipment from the library



9. Support your data


10. Maximizing your impact


Bonus: Contacting your librarian for help


For help, please contact:

Marian Koshland Bioscience, Natural Resources & Public Health Library
(510) 642-0456