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Wieslander VTM, Vegetation Type Map Survey Collection: Research Using VTM Data

VTM Zotero Library

Many scientists have used VTM data in the decades since it was collected. In 2022 librarian Becky Miller created an open group library on Zotero to share references and citations to research studies that used VTM data (plot data, maps, or photos). The initial list of studies came from Maggi Kelly et al.'s 2016 article, Rescuing and Sharing Historical Vegetation Data for Ecological Analysis: The California Vegetation Type Mapping Project. Studies in the Zotero library were tagged with whether they used plot, map, and/or photo data.

Below you can view an RSS feed of the most recent publications to have been added to the library. To view the whole library, or join the group and share articles, visit the group at this link:

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Title of study and date it was added to the Zotero library (not the publication date):

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