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Ana Hatherly Bibliography: Home

This bibliography brings together works authored by and about Ana Hatherly (1929-2015) held in the UC Berkeley Library.

About this bibliography

  Ana Hatherly Cátedra
This bibliography brings together works authored by and about Ana Hatherly (1929-2015) held in the UC Berkeley Library. Hatherly was a Portuguese academic, poet, visual artist, and writer. She was one of the pioneers of the experimental poetry and literature movement in Portugal and already well-known in Europe before earning her PhD at Berkeley in 1986. Many of the books in the collection came to the Library through her dissertation advisor Arthur Askins who maintained close contact with her after she returned to Portugal. Other books were acquired more recently through the support of the Portuguese Studies Program in the Institute of European Studies and from donors such as AnneMarie Mitchell. Thanks to these sources, Berkeley is proud to have assembled one of the most complete Hatherliana collections in the United States. For those wishing to know more about Ana Hatherly's prolific output, the bibliographies in Interfaces do Olhar (2004) and Ana Hatherly: Esperança e Desejo (2016) have been indispensable for this one.

Claude Potts
Librarian for Romance Languages Collections