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Black Panther Party and Black Power Movement: Newspapers

Online newspapers

Commemorator Newspaper Collection 1991-2012
The Commemorator newspaper was a newspaper printed in South Berkeley from 1990-2013 by the Commemoration Committee for the Black Panther Party.

Black Panther Black Community News Service Collection

The Black Panther Black Community News Service Collection consists of 420 newspapers published by the Black Panther Party between 1967-1980. Each issue was between 16-28 pages and featured a range of articles and op-eds on the activities of the party, black power, police brutality, communism, and party leadership.

This collection is located at the African American Museum and Library.


Some African American historical and current newspapers are available electronically through subscription databases from UC Berkeley.  

The Library's Newspaper & Microforms Room holds a number of African American newspapers from throughout the U.S. Papers on microfilm are shelved in title order by state.  Currently received print titles are shelved by title.  Some titles are also available in the Bancroft Library. Examples of California papers are listed below.  Click on the newspaper title to link to its UC Library Search record.

The California Voice (Oakland) Location: News/Micro NEWSFILM-1 (separate issues)

Flatlands (Oakland) Location:  News/Micro MICROFILM 78777, Bancroft BANC NMP 6764:2:3

The Oakland Post Location: News/Micro NEWSPRINT-1

The Sacramento Observer Location: News/Micro NEWSFILM-1 

The Sun-Reporter (San Francisco) Location: News/Micro NEWSFILM-1

The Peninsula Bulletin (East Palo Alto) Location:  News/Micro NEWSFILM-1

Los Angeles Tribune (Los Angeles, 1941-1960) Location:  library only has selected issues, mainly from 1947-1952 in News/Micro NEWSFILM-1; 1943-1960 are included in African American Newspapers, Series 1.

The California Eagle (Los Angeles) Location: library has 1913-1930, 1944-53 in News/Micro NEWSFILM-1

The Stanford Library has one of the largest collection of newspapers in print and microfilm in the United States.  They are available for on-site viewing by UCB affiliated persons. The Center for Research Libraries lends newspapers on microfilm to UCB patrons.