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Black Panther Party and Black Power Movement: Primary Sources

Films and Audio


The Black power movement. Part 1, Amiri Baraka Archives  MICROFILM 78392,  MICROFILM

Cointelpro: the Counter-Intelligence Program of the FBI.

News/Micro Microfilm 18097 .JK
This is a collection of FBI files on various groups such as: Communist Party, White hate groups, African American nationalist hate groups, nationalist groups and other organizations.
Reels 1-17. Communist Party of the U.S. (File 100 - 3-104). Reel 17. Hoodwink (File 100-446533).
Reels 18-20. White hate groups (File 157-9).
Reels 21-24. Black nationalist hate groups (File 100-448006).
Reels 25-27. New Left (File 100-449698).
Reel 28. Socialist Workers Party (File 100-436291).
Reel 29. Nationalist groups (Files 105-190209, 100-434445, 105-99938, 105-93124).
Reel 30. Special operations (File 105-174254) and Espionage (File 65-69260).

Congress of Racial Equality Papers (CORE), 1941-1967. & Guide to the Microfilm Edition
News/Micro Microfilm 18901 .E & Guide: E185.6.A12.P35
Strategies, tactics and ideologies of CORE are documented in these papers. Internal records, reports, project files, correspondence, convention notes, newsletters and other information related to civil rights organizations are included.

Congress of Racial Equality Papers, 1944-1968. & Guide to the Microfilm Edition
News/Micro Microfilm 20887 & Guide: E185.6.A1.P35 1982
This is an additional collection of the Congress of Racial Equality materials from the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change, Inc. in Atlanta. It includes internal memos, field reports, planning documents, and various chapter files of operations in employment, housing, voter registration, and accommodations.

Primary Source Databases