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Berkeley Research Impact Initiative (BRII): Application and Reimbursment Procedures


1.  Submit manuscript to OA publisher and pay Fee. (Note also that, in the case that your OA book is published by UC Press, they are able to pre-apply BRII funds so that up-front payment is not needed.)

2.  Fill out Application for BRII funding upon payment of the Fee. You must apply before the article is published.

3.  Apply for reimbursement within 6 months of approval. 


1. Submit manuscript to OA journal

Once your manuscript has been accepted by an OA publisher,  pay the article processing charge (APC) or open access fee.

Out of pocket: Some authors will pay the APC or OA fee using personal funds (personal check or credit card). If your OA book is published by UC Press, UC press is administratively equipped to pre-apply BRII funds, so it is not necessary to pay up front and seek reimbursement.

Departmental funds: Some authors may use a campus or departmental account to pay the Fee. Be sure to keep proof of payment since this is required by campus for any sort of reimbursement. An acceptable proof of payment has the following components:

  • Name of Payee

  • Amount of the Charge

  • Transaction Date

  • Form of Payment

  • Description of the goods or services (an invoice may be provided to show this)

2. Fill out Application for BRII funding

Fill out the Application for BRII funding (CalNet authentication required).

  • One application for individual per fiscal year.

  • Fully open access journals or a chapter within an OA book : BRII will fund up to $2500 of Fees. For OA scholarly books, BRII will fund up to $10,000 of Fees.

  • Apply for BRII funding upon acceptance of your article (or within 8 weeks of acceptance), chapter, or book. BRII no longer accepts applications for funding at time of submission—your publication must have been accepted by the publisher (but not yet published).

3. Apply for Reimbursement

Please be sure you have applied for BRII funding and been approved before you fill out this form.

For authors: Select either Payment Request Form or Interdepartmental Order Form reimbursement depending how you made the payment. Send forms and proof of payment as indicated on the forms. Reimbursement requests must be received with in 6 months BRII application approval. If you need an extension, please contact the BRII coordinator.