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Berkeley Research Impact Initiative (BRII): Eligibility, Guidelines and Restrictions


If you have previously applied for and received BRII funding, please read this page carefully as eligibility, guidelines and restrictions have changed.


  • Any current UC Berkeley faculty, post-doc, academic staff, or currently enrolled graduate student who has had an open access article, chapter, or scholarly book accepted for publication, and does not have other sources of funds to pay author processing charges.
  • The BRII program especially encourages applicants from the humanities and social sciences; graduate students and assistant faculty are also encouraged to apply.


External grants and funding

  • We request that authors with sufficient funding from grants or contracts not apply for BRII funds.
  • If you are publishing in a journal with which the UC has entered into a transformative agreement, please do not use BRII funds to reimburse the author contribution of the article processing charge. 
  • We encourage researchers to include a line-item on future grant proposals for dissemination or open access costs.


If possible, we ask that BRII funding recipients include the following statement in their acknowledgements: Publication made possible in part by support from the Berkeley Research Impact Initiative (BRII) sponsored by the UC Berkeley Library.

Guidelines and Restrictions


BRII will provide funding to pay Berkeley authors’ OA article processing charges (APCs), or OA scholarly book (monograph) or chapter subvention fee (collectively, “Fees”) as follows:

  • One application per individual per calendar year.
  • One applicant per article.
  • Fees will be subsidized only for fully open access journals or books (that is, the entire journal or book must be freely available to the public without a subscription or access fee). Please note that BRII no longer covers Fees for "hybrid" (subscription-based) journals that simply offer an OA option. However, BRII will finance Fees for OA scholarly books that also sell print copies, provided the publisher makes an online version of the book entirely free.  
  • For OA journal articles or chapters within OA scholarly books:
    • BRII will fund up to $2500 in Fees.
  • For OA scholarly books:
    • BRII will fund up to $10,000 in Fees. (Note: OA books must be published under an open license that permits reproduction and the creation of derivative works, such as some of the Creative Commons licenses. Typically authors choose CC-BY or CC-BY-NC.)
  • Applications can be made only after the article, chapter, or book has been accepted by the publisher.  Please submit your BRII application upon publisher acceptance (or within 8 weeks of publisher acceptance) (for article APCs) or upon contract signing (for book proposals).