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Map Mashup: 2023 Map Mashup

Information about the UC Berkeley Map Mashup event.

map mashup flyer Map Mashup! 

Mix it up! Mash it up! Make a map! Remix a digital map from the Library’s collections! What will you create?

April 19 & 20 @ McCone Hall

REGISTER to participate!

The UC Berkeley Earth Sciences & Map Library invites students and others to use maps from our collection as the basis for a new map that they create. Over the course of two days we're hosting a series of map-related workshops and open work hours for people to work on their maps, either individually or in groups. The map mashups can be created on a computer or using physical materials. We'll publish digital versions of the final map mashups online!

Hosted by the Earth Sciences & Map Library, studio.geo, & BUGs.


Special pre-event workshop! Friday, April 14, 1 - 2pm, Earth Sciences & Map Library, 50 McCone Hall

Unearthing Treasure: Finding Maps You Can't Live Without Do you love maps? Are you curious about how you could use maps as sources for a class project or in your research? This workshop is for you! Join us to learn search strategies for discovering maps in the Library catalog and get hands-on experience unearthing treasures from the physical map collections in the Earth Sciences & Map Library!



Event Date Time Location

* Event Kickoff & OpenGeo Lightning Talks


- History of Cartography by Heiko Muhr

- Cartography & Design by Jack Moorehead

- Projections Fun! by Char Tomlinson

- Open Source Tools by Alexis Wood

- Georeferencing by Evangeline McGlynn

- Open Data Sources by Susan Powell

April 19 Noon - 2 pm

Earth Sciences & Map Library Seminar Room (55A McCone Hall) & Zoom

Open Work Time (drop-in) April 19 2 - 6 pm

Earth Sciences & Map Library Seminar Room (55A McCone Hall) 2 - 4 pm

575 McCone Hall 4 - 6 pm

BUGs (Berkeley United Geographers) undergrad club meeting and work time April 19 6 - 7 pm 575 McCone Hall

* Fair Use with Maps Workshop

UC Berkeley Library Office of Scholarly Communication

April 20 11 am - Noon Earth Sciences & Map Library Seminar Room (55A McCone Hall) & Zoom
Open Work Time (drop-in) April 20 Noon - 4 pm Earth Sciences & Map Library Seminar Room (55A McCone Hall)
* AI Maps Lightning Talk by Dr. Clancy Wilmott & Map Mashup Show-and-Tell April 20 4 - 6 pm studio.geo (106 McCone Hall) & Zoom
Celebrate! April 20 6 pm - ?? Observatory Hill lawn (just west of McCone Hall)

* REGISTER in advance to receive Zoom links for hybrid events

Beverages & snacks will be provided throughout the event :)


  • Both hand-drawn and computer-assisted maps are permitted.  
  • Maps created via computer software must be exported and submitted as a TIFF file, minimum resolution 300 dpi. 
  • Maps created with physical materials must be photographed and submitted as a TIFF or JPEG file, with as high a resolution as possible.
  • Participation is open to anyone!
  • Students under 18 must have parent or guardian permission to participate.
  • One submission per person.
  • Submit your Map Mashup by uploading it to Box using this link by Friday, April 21 @ Noon (PDT).


Q.      Can I work with another person or a group to create my Map Mashup?
A.      Absolutely! We welcome submissions from both individuals and groups.

Q.      Can I use a map or image in my Map Mashup that is still in copyright?
A.      Excellent question! The answer is "it depends" -- check out these handy guidelines (provided by the UC Berkeley Library Office of Scholarly Communication) and attend our workshop on Fair Use in Maps on Thursday, April 20 @ 11 am.

Q.     Can I use any art material to make my map?
A.      You sure can! We will need a scan or photograph of your final product so just make sure whatever you use will come through clearly in an image.

Q.      When you say that my Map Mashup can be created on a computer, are you talking about a certain program?
A.       There are multiple programs that can be used to design maps, but we were specifically thinking of design software like GIMP or Adobe Photoshop, or digital map software like QGIS or ArcGIS Pro. See our page on Mapmaking Tools & Tips for suggestions.

Q.      Does my Map Mashup have to represent a specific place or stick to a specific style?
A.      While you do need to incorporate a scanned map from the Library collections in your Map Mashup, we encourage creativity! It can be realistic. It can be idealistic. It can represent some version of a space you know or the whole world or an imagined place. Go wild.

Q.      I've never made a map before. Do you have any example maps from other amateur mapmakers for inspiration?

A.      You don't need to be a professional to make a great map! We've pulled together a few examples on our page on Mapmaking Tools & Tips.



Email us at with any questions!

Fair Use with Maps


Entries that do not comply with the submission requirements may not be included in the final Map Mashup. All Map Mashup participants must register and agree to the following statement: "I agree that by registering for the 2023 Map Mashup at the UC Berkeley Library, I will provide the Library with a copy of my final work to add to their collection. Additionally, while I retain copyright in my work, I am providing the University with a non-exclusive license to exercise the rights under copyright law, including the rights to preserve, reproduce, display, distribute, and create derivative works of the work I am creating."