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The Research Process : A Guide: Finding Books

About UC Library Search

About UC Library Search

Venn diagram about what UC Library Search includes

Access UC Library Search directly or from the Library homepage to find most (what isn't included?) books, articles, media, archival collections, and more from: 

  • UC Berkeley
  • Other UC Libraries
  • WorldCat (select Advanced Search, then WorldCat)

Sign in to view all results and to manage your:

  • Saved records and searches.
  • Requested and borrowed items.
  • Messages, blocks, fines, and fees.


Off campus? Use the proxy or the VPN for full access(You may be prompted to sign in again.)

Browsing Library of Congress Call Numbers

Browsing Call Numbers

Use the call numbers below to browse through the stacks for your specific subject:

  • NA1-NA9428 for Architecture
  • NB1-NB1952 for Sculpture
  • NC1-NC1940 for Drawing, design and illustration
  • ND25-ND3416 for Painting
  • NE1-NE3002 for Print media
  • NK1-NK9995 for Decorative Arts
  • NX1-NX820 for Arts in general
  • TR Photography

Search Tips

UC Library Search search box containing "global warming"Use quotation marks to search for a phrase. 


Search for "transgender AND athlete"Use AND to search for items with all search words in any order.


UC Library Search search box containing "Irish OR Celtic"Use OR to search for items with at least one search word. 


UC Library Search search box containing "wom?n"Use a question mark to search for variations of a single character.

(ex: search for "woman", "women", and "womyn".)

UC Library Search search box containing "cultur*"Use a wildcard/asterisk to search for variations of multiple characters.

(ex: search for "culture", "cultural", "culturally", etc.)

UC Library Search search box containing "voodoo NOT economics"Use NOT to exclude words or phrases. (ex: search for voodoo but NOT voodoo economics.)