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Add Course Readings to bCourses: Copyright Issues

This guide is for instructors who would like to add library resources to their bCourses sites.

Linking to vs. Posting Copyrighted Content

The Library recommends linking to public domain, library-licensed, or open-access content that is available online rather than uploading copyrighted materials to your course site when possible.

If you wish to upload copyrighted content rather than linking to it, please consult our companion guide: 

For additional information:

Hosting reserves in other (non-bCourses) online course systems
Copyrighted content that is uploaded to your course site should only be available to students enrolled in the course and only for the duration of the course. If a learning management system is unable to provide this level of protected access, copyrighted materials should not be hosted online.

  • UC Extension
    Students in UC Extension courses may not have access to library-licensed resources at UC Berkeley if they have not purchased a Library card.
  • UC Online
    Students in UC Online courses who are not fully-matriculated students at UC Berkeley do not presently have access to the full suite of library-licensed online resources.
  • edX
    The use of copyrighted course materials in MOOCs is a complex issue, and best practices for including information resources in traditional courses may not apply to edX courses. The Library is currently working with other edX institutions to develop a new set of best practices to address the use of course materials in edX. In the meantime, the Library recommends using publicly available, public domain and open-access content when possible, and Library staff are available to help you find those resources.