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Add Course Readings to bCourses: Add "Reserves" to bCourses

This guide is for instructors who would like to add library resources to their bCourses sites.

Finding and linking to resources to bCourses

This guide will help you find and link to readings, materials, and content for your bCourse site. The Library recommends linking to public domain, library-licensed, or open-access online content rather than uploading copyrighted materials to your course site when possible. If you wish to upload copyrighted materials, themselves, rather than linking to them, please consult the companion guide Course Instructor Guide to Copyright & bCourses for best practices.

If you can not find a particular resource online in the Library, you can always contact a librarian to see if the item is available elsewhere or if it's available to purchase.

To find and add a library-licensed online reading to bCourses:

  1. Locate the library resource online 
  2. Copy the permanent link for the resource 
  3. Add the permanent link to your bCourses class

Locate library resources online

The Library subscribes to many different databases and catalogs for online resources. Below are some basic tips for looking up materials, but don't hesitate to contact a librarian for help. 

How to find:

  • Articles
    Use the Citation Linker to locate known articles in the library’s article databases.
  • Books & eBooks
    Search for book titles in OskiCat, using the available online option to limit your results to online resources.
  • Journals
    Use UC-eLinks to search for online journals by title.
  • Streaming audio and video
    Search for audio and video via these special subscription databases.

Add links to bCourses

To add a link to bCourses:

See also: